Dear Boy Named Sue,

Thank you very much for your note and handwriting sample.

I’m very excited because, unlike many of your friends, I can actually read your signature. A legible signature, along with a legible message, means that you are honest (although somewhat secretive), sincere, and straightforward. You mean what you say, or you don’t say it, and you stand firmly behind your words and actions.

Besides being legible, Sue, your writing is large, rightward, quick, pretty heavy, and connected. All of these characteristics give graphocological clues as to your character and personality.

You write quickly, Sue, because you think quickly so I know you are intelligent. You have a lot of mental energy, so your brain is always in over-drive. You have many interests and are an innovative, spontaneous thinker. You have a lot of initiative and self-assurance so you are not afraid to try new things. You are also a fluid thinker so it is easy for you to connect ideas and to express them clearly, and this is an indicator of literary and/or artistic talent. My guess is that you are a fine writer and public speaker.

Your writing has straight baselines and balance between all the zones so I believe you are emotionally stable, dependable, and determined. Your ego has an inner equilibrium, which indicates a wholesome self-confidence and a sensible adjustment to life.

Sue, your writing is also rightward and somewhat large and heavy, and this tells me that you are proud, dignified, optimistic, serious, and very independent. You are culturally aware and mature without any kind of facade.

The rightward slant of your script shows that you are sociable, enthusiastic, friendly, kind, and unselfish. At times you can be impatient, restless, and irritable, but your good self-control helps your deal with these issues.

The fact that you press down on your pen and write heavily means that you are an intense, vital, and energetic person. Your willpower is strong and you work steadily toward objectives. Your senses are strong so you love food, sex, music, art and color. Since your emotions are strong you carry the scars of hurt and the feelings of happiness for a long time.

Your writing shows a lot of rhythm so you are probably a good dancer and could be a good athlete, if you wanted to be. In fact, with your many talents and gifts you could do just about anything you wanted to be.

Submit your writing

To have your handwriting analyzed, send a sample to: James Murray, Wednesday Journal, 141 S. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302.