Justice James Ogebe and his wife, Dr. Mary Ogebe were in Forest Park on their way to a wedding in Champaign-Urbana last week. Judge Ogebe works in the appellate court in Nigeria and our Judge Robert Senechal entertained Ogebe with a visit to one of our courts, Maybrook, here in Maywood. After his brief visit to our court, the Ogebes continued on to their destination and the wedding of George Ochenjele, a Northwestern University medical student. Ochenjele married Krista Miller, a nurse. Best wishes to the newlyweds, hurry back to Forest Park.

Have you seen “Rickshaw Rick” riding around town? Rickshaw Rick will entertain you and your guests with rickshaw rides on authentic rickshaws imported from Taiwan, India, Hong Kong and other exotic ports. You can use him as mere transportation, or as a highlight of your block party, birthday party, whatever. Call (773) 771-3922 or get him at www.rickshawrick.com. He was recently carrying blood donors from the Methodist Church on Oak Park Avenue. Donors were feeling a bit woozy after donating blood so Rick gave them free rides back to their cars.

Lt. Lee Archambault of Apollo fame has a close connection to Forest Park. His uncle, the once famous Rich Archambault, was well known to Forest Parkers a generation ago. Rich was one of Forest Park’s finest, a real character and a loyal friend of our late mayor Howard Mohr. Stories of Rich will be told around firesides for years to come. The night he shot his thumb while pursuing vandals who were trying to deface the grave of Mike Todd is one such story that is sure to live on. Yes, Mike Todd, a late husband of actress Elizabeth Taylor was buried here in Forest Park. Mr. Todd’s body was later moved. Ms. Taylor sometimes stopped for a bite at Albright’s, a restaurant that stood where Zambonie’s is now located. But you probably already knew that.

When cool Grandma Pat Petrey, was asked by her grandson Tim Petrey what she wanted for her birthday, Pat gave him a surprise answer when she said, “a tattoo.” So off they went to the tattoo parlor and forever Pat will show off the lovely green shamrock that adorns her dainty ankle.

Have you seen the fashions of dee dee and edee, now shown Fridays from 12 p.m. till 2 p.m. at Café de Luca?

Congratulations to Mark Waldron who is mentioned in “Clef Notes,” a recently published book that give bios of some prominent musicians in this area. However the book says Mark lives in River Forest, so his tax bill will probably have a big increase.

You don’t need this column to keep you posted on what’s happening at our local bookstore, Centuries & Sleuths. Just listen to Rick Kogan’s “Sunday Papers” at 7 a.m. on Sunday. And you probably saw our bookstore listed in the “Tribune” as one of the 10 best bookstores in the Chicago area! Congratulations to Augie Aleksy, to Main Street (and to Art Jones who started it all).

On June 27 happy birthday to Lillian Hough, Patty Marino, Erin Loughlin, Rick Leninger and Norm Leinweber; on the 29th, Jack Christell and Rich Cassiani; on June 30, Shirley Christell, and anniversary greetings to Anreh and Ray Mankandis; July 1, happy birthday to Kay Madden, Tim Flight, Virginia Collis, Scott McAdam, Ben Reina and Matt Montes; July 2, Shirley Kennedy, Shannon VanDiepen, Evelyn Lane and Sue Pyan; July 3, Christy Lyn Cesario and Lucian Dubem; July 4, Tina Neubeiser, Scott Kaup, Patricia Gotier, Nancy Lovell and Nick Ross.

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...