Dear Tracy,

Thank you so much for your note and writing sample. I’m very pleased to hear that you enjoy reading the handwriting analysis column, because I sure enjoy writing it.

Tracy, your writing is upright, rising, legible, and has a large middle zone.

The fact that your writing rises from left to right tells me that you are an optimist. You have a buoyant, ambitious, restless spirit and you want to escape the demands of routine. You are talkative and quickly stirred to action. You are usually cheerful and you try hard to see the brighter side of every situation. You have faith in yourself and in the future and feel that your hopes and goals will turn out well.

Your handwriting is also upright or vertical and not slanting to the right, as taught in second grade. This upright script means that you are independent and that you usually display calmness, judgment, poise and realism and that you deal with problems in a calm manner. You usually show reason rather than emotion. Because you try to be reasonable rather than emotional, you are skeptical, realistic, practical, reliable, and can work well on your own. When wanting something done you appeal to the judgment of others rather than to their emotions.

This emphasis on reason can make you appear to be lacking in empathy, detached emotionally, reticent, and inhibited.

Tracy, your T crossings are long, heavy and arch-like and this means your will-power and self control are strong. You are consciously exerting willpower to overcome a bad habit or are using self-control to improve yourself.

Your handwriting is quite legible so I know you have a strong desire for clear communication and understanding with others. You always try to be honest and straightforward, as well as patient with others. You are careful to detail.

You attempt to be nice to others and to avoid conflict. You have strong security needs and are threatened by changes in your home family, or lifestyle. You are a conventional person who wants acceptance by others.

Tracy, you are proud, independent, shrewd, and dignified as well as modest and mature, so you have a lot going for you.

Good luck and happy Independence Day.