Last week we said goodbye to two old-time Forest Parkers, Irma Koch and Lorraine Popelka. In some ways the deaths of these two women reminded me of the deaths of Princess Di and Mother Teresa in the same week-I said in some ways.

In her day, Lorraine was a bombshell. Mrs. Koch lived her life quietly at home. Mrs Koch’s legacy is her son, Conrad, a minister in his church; Coral, a teacher; Kendall, a dentist; Phil, a corporate executive with BP; and Robert, a media supervisor. I lost track of Dan and Don Demetry and I’ve probably misspelled their names. But it was good to see them both and reminisce over times past.

We all know and love Scott Popelka and are sorry he and his family left town. Diane said she and Debbie felt privileged to care for their mother. And by the way, old friend, Lou Cirrintano flew in from Florida to pay her respects.

You heard what the news was, in a moment you’ll hear the “RRRRest of the story.” Dave, Carol and Catherine Novak were vacationing in Alaska where everyone goes to have a look at the scenery, the wildlife and especially at Mt. McKinley. While browsing around the ranger station there Carol and Dave struck up a conversation with Robert Lang who told them he was from Forest Park and that he had recently rescued a mountain climber. The story of Mr. Lang was in a recent issue of the Review. So thanks to Carol, Dave and Dave’s mother, Catherine, we got word of a real hero in our paper.

Congratulations to our own fashion designer on the way up, Heather Byrnes. Heather has been promoted to assistant manager of her TCB department at Nordstroms after only six months with the company.

There is a very special birthday to be celebrated in Forest Park on July 9. Fern Campbell will celebrate birthday number 100! Congratulations and happy birthday from all of Forest Park.

Congratulations to our former editor Ken Trainor, who celebrated the publishing of his book, “We Dare to Say, An Adventure in Journaling.” It’s an aid to meditation and filled with profound, wonderful thoughts. It is said to contain only about 300 sentences, but I guarantee you it will take a long, long time to read. Congratulations to Ken, a most remarkable man.

My apologies for belated birthday wishes to Sandy Byrnes, who celebrated on June 28, and June Doulder, who celebrated on June 30.

July 4, birthdays include Tina Neubeiser, Patricia Gotier, Nancy Lovell, Nicholas Ross; July 5, Madalyn Little, Craig Lichtenberg, Emmett Byrne; July 7, Kimberly Jargstorf, Dawn Jasper, Janine Boy, John Doss, Jackie Clifton, Victoria Garlisch, Denise Norton, Karen Jargstorf, and anniversary wishes to Diane and Colin Chin; July 8, Kevin Collins, Jeff Schultz, Janet Oliver, Julianna Grace Touhy, Rachel Stahlke; on the 9th, Lisa Faber, Bridget Marinier, Diane Bugajsky, Matt Cappolino, Tim Houran and of course, Fern Campbell; on July 10, Jackie Vince Clifton, Augie Hegg, Vic Lentini; July 11 is happy anniversary time for Diane and John Rice, and happy birthday to Cassidy Brown, Peggy Grams, Diane Beatty, Adam Powers, Tyler Lipsi.