Sympathy to Marilyn Trainor and her fine family on the death of Ken Trainor, Marilyn’s husband of 58 years. Marilyn and Ken were the parents of six good boys; excellent boys. Those six sons produced six grandchildren. For 58 years Marilyn and Ken loved and liked each other. That is rare indeed.

The only son I know is the younger Ken Trainor, former editor of the Review and a most amazing person. Ken is one of my personal heroes. The eulogy he delivered at Ascension Church at his father’s funeral was a moving tribute to his father, and an insight into the soul of Ken. See that big dictionary full of words on your bookshelf over there? Well, Ken Trainor really knows how to put those words in just the right places. His father and mother must be proud of the job they did raising six boys. Marilyn and Ken Trainor lived in Forest Park for many years after moving from Ascension Parish in Oak Park. Dylan Trainor, a grandson, is a new Forest Park resident.

Belated happy birthday wishes to Dorothy Hatch July 16. Dorothy and Sue Stern are enjoying the beauty of their patio this summer; a thing of beauty if ever there was one. In fact, the entire 500 block of Ferdinand has never looked as lovely as it does this year. If you don’t believe me, just walk your dog along that street and see for yourself. Your dog will love chasing all the squirrels there, too.

Sue is now retired after years of working for CBS and Fox. It was an exciting time, but now gardening uses up some of her energy.

Christine Respas and Vince Stefanelli were a part of the Lakefront Midnight bike ride the last weekend. Vince often rides his bike to work downtown where he works for a homeless shelter.

Congratulations to Alan L.R. Jasper, a product of our Forest Park schools who has earned an MBA and BS and is now on his way to medical school at LMU at DeBusk Medical School in Tennessee. Sharon Good is Alan’s mother, and former police Chief Lew Good, his grandfather.

Karen Abbott, author of the latest best seller, “Sin in the Second City,” was at our famous bookstore, Centuries & Sleuths last weekend. Did you see our C&S in the Tribune magazine section last Sunday? They called us Franklin Park. Grrrr.

A very belated happy birthday to Cindy Wood, who celebrated on June 7. Also, belated wishes to John O’Donnell whose birthday was June 5.

July 18 is Marilyn Trainor’s birthday, we’ll remember her that day. Happy birthday to Gene Mull and Katie Murray on the 18th of July; on the 19th, Tom Spinelli, Debbie Ginger; July 20, Katie Tricoci and Ellie Clifton; July 21, Tim Mellin, Arthur Farrell, Jenny Okolwicz; July 22, Ryan Pacyga; the 23rd, Derek Hein, Barbara Mango; July 24, Jenny Okolowicz, Elfie Pett, Sharon Good, Kathy Thiesse, Rick Hemstreet and happy anniversary to Lorien Menhennett and Geoff Ashman; July 25, Stephanie Mondragon, Richard Lulipani, Kevin Thompson and Eleanor Konkowski.