Dear Kate,

Thank you so much for your writing sample and I’m sure glad you enjoyed my presentation at the library.

Your handwriting, Kate, is traditional cursive writing, and that makes it somewhat unusual because most young ladies now seem to prefer some form of personalized printing. Your writing is also neat, legible, rising, and rightward, just like you learned to do in second grade.

The fact that you use cursive (and that your handwriting is very neat and attractive) tells me that, despite your youth, you are a very traditional, proud, dignified, and socially appropriate young lady.

This connected neat script also suggests that you are a goal minded, co-operative worker who is optimistic, realistic, and practical. You have a sincere, easy going nature so people like you and trust you. You are sociable, kind, and tolerant, but you sometimes can lack a firm attitude, and can be somewhat restless.

You are very bright, Kate. Your mind is sharp so you learn quickly and easily, and your natural curiosity means that you are continually seeking new knowledge and experiences. You are also intellectually aggressive, meaning your desire to learn is strong and you are willing to put in the work and effort necessary to learn new things. As a result, you are a dependable worker who gets things accomplished.

Your writing has a pretty significant rightward slant and this means you are an emotionally responsive person. You “feel” strongly so you not only understand love, hate, anger, happiness, passion, and self-sacrifice, but you feel them intensely. This rightward slant shows that you are generous, enthusiastic, spontaneous, adaptable, empathic, affectionate, and humanitarian. Because your emotions are strong you can also be easily distracted, easily influenced, and your feelings can be easily hurt.

Your writing has a nice balance and a good sense of rhythm so I know you have achieved good emotional balance in your life. You are well-adjusted, emotionally stable, self-disciplined, organized, orderly, proud, dignified, independent, culturally aware, and mature.

You are very fortunate in that you have been blessed with many social and intellectual gifts, and I hope you are able to find adequate personal and professional opportunities to use your many talents.

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