Belated happy birthday wishes to Minnie Maxwell who is proud to tell everyone she is 77 years old and still works every day. Minnie’s birthday was July 12.

If you happened to be walking or driving along Michigan Avenue last Saturday, July 14, you would have witnessed a huge traffic jam. The reason? A stunning Hindu wedding. And surprise, surprise … the couple being married will be living in Forest Park!

Carl Tellarovic rode astride a gold bedecked milk-white stallion along the avenue. Carl himself was dressed in traditional Hindu wedding garb, turban, shawani and leggings. The procession of guests included an Indian horn, drum, and dancers in colorful silk saris-many with jewel encrusted trimming-accompanied the groom as they circled the Conrad Hilton Hotel. Inside the hotel in one of the larger ballrooms a domed, white silk canopy with white flowers awaited the parents of Carl and his soon-to-be bride, Ramya Bavikatte. Flowers adorned everything everywhere.

After the two hour vow exchanging ceremony the wedding party and all 400 guests retired to the ballroom for an elegantly served dinner of mostly Indian cuisine. Now Carl and Ramya Bavikatte-Tellarovic are Forest Park residents and we wish them a lifetime of happiness and namaste.

For all you Homer and Bart fans, “The Simpson’s Movie” will be coming Friday, July 27.

The Stange family’s cousins, Helen and Beth Reinke visited Forest Park for a look at all the new businesses, restaurants, etc. Helen is Jim and Shirley Dring’s cousin, also the late John Stange’s cousin; Beth is Helen’s daughter.

We bid a sad farewell to the Blank family; Steve, Angie, Lew and their lively dog, Jackie. The Blank’s will be starting a new life in Madison, Wisc. Now there will be no more mixing up of the family names Bland and Blank. The two families live a block apart and mistakes were made, plenty of mistakes.

There are some interesting activities at the Graue Mill this summer. Watch stone-ground cornmeal being made; from shucking to shelling to grinding, during weekends from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. Learn the art of papel picado, using brightly colored tissue paper. Representatives from the National Museum of Mexican Art will be on hand to teach children and adults this interesting technique on Sunday, Aug. 12 from noon to 4 p.m. (630)655-2090.

Happy birthday on July 25 to Stephanie Mondragon, Richard Lilipani, Kevin Thompson, Eleanor Konkowski; on the 26th to Cathy Collins, Claudia Mandile, ;July 27, Eric Hartley Neubeiser, Joan Bigos, Lauri Falbo; on the 28th, Brett McNeil has a birthday; on July 29, Hope Simon, Brent Marler, Debbie Wall, Heather Byrnes all get a birthday wish; on the 30th, Cecilia Rossi, Dan Venski; July 31, Kelly Rice; Aug. 1, happy birthday to Jon Scheiwe.

Thanks for your time, or “ah choo” as they say in Lithuania.