Congratulations to John D’Souza on his new job with the Secret Service in Washington, D.C. John is the son of Dora and Austin D’Souza. His family, neighbors and friends are proud of him.

Terry Steinbach was the lucky winner of the $1,000 grand prize at the recent Circle Theatre fundraiser. Speaking of Circle Theater, please don’t let them take this treasure away from Forest Park. Please! Please! Please! Oak Park already has a theater. Let us keep our Circle Theater and keep climbing up the cultural ladder.

Come to the next CUinFP meeting and listen to Karen Rozmus “talk trash.” She will discuss the recycling program, what can be recycled, how to prepare recyclables and what happens to them after they leave the containers in your alley. In short, everything you ever wanted to know about recycling but were afraid to ask. Keep an eye on this column to learn where and when you can hear Karen.

Another scheduled speaker this year will keep CUinFP up on the latest news of District 209, which has long been a black eye on the community. Real estate sells when local schools are good. If we want to keep this boom going we have got to upgrade our schools.

Here’s some depressing news; the sun rose on Friday July 27 at 5:40 a.m. and set at 8:15 p.m. That gives us about an hour’s worth of less light than we had a month ago.

Joshua Villarubia-Olfoy was born July 18, 2007, and attended his first party on July 21. His proud parents are Breanna Villarubia and Kevin Olfoy. He has two kittens who alert his mother when he cries and a faithful old dog, Idaho who just loves him, as do his grandmas, Grandma Olfoy and Grandma Tellez.

We have in our midst the Music for Life Foundation, which encourages youngsters to learn to play an instrument and even gives scholarships to promising young musicians. Tests have proven that learning music aids learning in other areas. Bands are fine, concert bands are even better, but an orchestra is the pinnacle.

Happy birthday to Jon Scheiwe on Aug. 1; on the 2nd, happy birthday to Chris Behnke, Kathleen Marie Lane, Maria Gianelli, Madeline Kochman; on Aug. 3, Dyonne Scheiwe, Cali Carlson; Aug. 4, Ashley Ernst, Sandy Boy, Brianna Nicole Balsavich, Andree Gaines and happy anniversary to Gary and Janet Fink; the 5th, Connie Mango has a birthday; Aug. 6, Barbara Sullivan, Dan Giers, David Stahlke; Aug. 7, James Childs, Betty Schulz.