The block party for residents along the 600 block of Beloit Avenue was a great success; everyone had a fine time, the food was delicious and neighbors were happy to see neighbors they rarely get to see.

But something was missing … something edible. Cliff Lieber’s fish! Where were Cliff and his fish? And Joanne? Mystery solved. Cliff and Joanne were in Portland, Ore., visiting their son Brian, a daughter-in-law and their grandchild. So the neighbors decided to have another block party in September-with Cliff’s fish.

Here’s big, handsome Nick Fabbrini off to Champaign for his senior year there. Nick is a business major and full-time hockey player. Nick has been a hockey star since high school and has worked part-time at Gunzo’s since he was old enough to work. The amazing thing is he still has all his teeth.

Congratulations to our Oak Park neighbors who have produced another star-the newest Poet Laureate of the U.S. is a graduate of OPRF (or Oak Park High as it was previously called). Mr. Charles Simic is not the only illustrious grad. Of course you knew Ernest Hemingway went there. But alongside our very own Nancy Greco is world famous Homer Simpson. Yes, indeed, Nancy graduated with Homer Simpson (a.k.a Dan Castalanetta).

When Erika Goodman throws a fundraiser, she really raises the money. Last week at O’Sullivan’s on Madison Street, the Leukemia Foundation fund was increased considerably thanks to Erika and co-chairman Lourdes Nicholls. Lourdes; Erika, Erika’s mother Laura Goodman; dad Ben; sisters Mary Rose, L.A. Cathy,; and brother Danny all got together with friends to entertain and raise money. Ben played his guitar complete with a “Jesus Loves You” T-shirt (small print disclaimer below). Karen Skinner’s son Dustin was on the keyboard and there was lots of singing and dancing.

Longtime friend Peggy Woods was there to help out with the fun, along with many Forest Parkers and non-Forest Parkers who wanted to do what they could for the foundation.

Mary Rose Goodman, who also attended the fundraiser, revealed she has been given a role in the LaSalle Bank Theatre’s production of “High School Musical.”

Belated birthday wishes to Eric Schaeffer whose July 31 birthday brought him a surprise pot of yellow chrysanthemums from an admirer.

On Saturday, Aug. 11 G.K. Chesterton Humorous and Satirical Poetry will be the topic of discussion for the afternoon beginning at 2 p.m. On Sunday, Aug. 26 the history discussion group will discuss “Flags of our Fathers” co-authors James Bradley and William R. Powers.

Bean bag contests are still under way, I think. No winners have been announced yet as far as I know. The games at the corner of Thomas and Jackson streets have quieted down this week. Sam Calderone, referee, is confused about the rules so a moratorium has been declared. Besides, Sam stops paying attention whenever another dog walks by.

Tim and Peggy Grams celebrate a wedding anniversary on Aug. 8; on the 9th, T.J. Janopoulos has a birthday along with Danny Seveda; on Aug. 10, Connie Robey; Aug. 11, Rebecca Greskoviak, Allison Pacyga, and Jake Brown; Aug. 12, Al Verri, Mary Liebner, Phil Jilek; Aug. 13, Linda Brhel, Elizabeth Moravec, Dakota Staiger; on the 14th, Grant Neubeiser, Lorraine Bourgeau; Aug. 15, Reid Thompson.