Instant messaging and text messaging are favorite forms of communication for the computer generation. They use standard abbreviations like BRB for “be right back” or POS to warn their correspondent that they have a “parent over shoulder.” Here are some abbreviations they can use in Forest Park.

PMUSAST – Pick me up something at Submarine Tender.

HTGTEW – Have to go to Ed’s Way.

POS – Police over shoulder.

DFTMBR – Don’t forget to make beer run.

MMADR – Meet me at Doc Ryan’s.

POCMCI – Parking overnight. Call my car in.

LOL – Lost on Lathrop.

MUAFAAM – Meet you at 5 o’clock AA meeting.

WUWTBLITF – What’s up with the Blue Line? It takes forever.

FDLTTKD – Front door locked. Throw the keys down.

ABCIFPMMAEL – All bars closed in Forest Park. Meet me at Eden Lanes.

NUICFT – Need you in center field tonight.

WWHTWSAP – What, we have to wear swimsuits at pool?

DTFTME – Did they find the missing elephant?

SOGOMLEM – So sick of garbage on my lawn every morning.

HONS – Hung over, need Starbucks.

CBFPGBL – Caught by funeral procession. Going to be late.

GTAHSM – Going to another Historical Society meeting.

CTSOAOI – Circle Theater sold out, any other ideas?

BRB – Bored, real bored.

SSSSTMMGTM – Said something stupid, so they made me go to Mugsy’s.

ITHCOMBSSWHC – I think he’s cheating on me but said she was his cousin.

TOGPAGL – Tired of getting panhandled at Green Line.

AUCTGP – Are you coming to garage party?

BFA – Basement flooded again.

DFTBCBTGIG – Don’t forget to bring champagne bucket to Groovin’ in the Grove.

LUNTWDCCM – Love your new tattoo, what does Chinese character mean?

TCHBU – Take Circle, Harlem is backed up.

TWSMBDLHRB – They wouldn’t serve me because driver’s license had red background.

RTGA – Ready to go antiquing?

ATEGTTDMS – Are they ever going to tear down Mobil Station?

CGLAMMBONGT – Can’t go, lost all my money betting on No Gloves Tournament.

CUBWISIR – Can you believe what it said in the Review?

MFATTTTA – My fingers are too tired to type anymore.