After chasing a woman in his car, repeatedly ramming his vehicle into hers, Alberto S. Saldivar followed his ex-girlfriend to the police station in Forest Park where he used a baseball bat to threaten her and two children in front of officers, according to a department report.

The quarrel erupted in the middle of the day on July 30 when Saldivar’s ex-girlfriend, an Oak Park woman, was picking up her child from a play date arranged with Saldivar’s ex-wife. According to a police report, while Saldivar and the unidentified woman were dating, their children became friends and continue to play together.

Though no specific reason for his rage is stated in the police report, Saldivar, 54, allegedly followed his ex-girlfriend from his ex-wife’s house and rammed her vehicle with his. The woman called 911 and was told to make her way to the Forest Park police station. Once in the parking lot, Saldivar allegedly used his own car to box her in.

“As (Saldivar’s ex-girlfriend) and the kids ran into the station, Saldivar aggressively approached them with the bat held above his head,” according to a police report. “Saldivar saw witnesses inside the station, returned the bat to the trunk of his car and began approaching the entrance to the station.”

Police said Saldivar later told them he intended to smash the windows out of the woman’s car with the bat, and threatened to “have her house blown up.”

Saldivar, a Forest Park resident, was arrested for aggravated assault, reckless driving and four counts of endangering the life of a child.

Two days later he was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to deliver after allegedly planting 20 grams of the narcotic in the woman’s oven. Though in custody at the time, Saldivar reportedly made several threatening phone calls to the woman and indicated she needed to dispose of the drugs. He also arranged for a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to the address.

Drug overdose at Thornton’s

An 18-year-old Elmhurst woman is facing drug related charges after police allegedly found her sitting in a parked car at Thornton’s gas station on Harlem Avenue with a man apparently suffering from a drug overdose.

Shortly before 7 p.m. on Aug. 4, a patrol unit spotted Jessica M. Speiden sitting in the driver’s seat of a 1996 Pontiac, fumbling with an apparently limp body in the passenger seat next to her. Upon approaching the car, police witnessed Speiden toss a needle and a portion of a metal can out the vehicle window, according to a department report.

The man in the passenger seat did not appear to be breathing and was turning blue, according to police. His name was withheld by authorities.

No drugs were found in the vehicle, nor in the paraphernalia that was allegedly tossed out the car window, however, Speiden confessed that the needle contained water, which the overdose victim was going to inject after shooting up with heroin, according to police.

Speiden was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and obstruction of justice. The unidentified overdose victim was treated at a nearby hospital.

Shooting suspect apprehended

Police here helped Melrose Park authorities track down a man suspected of shooting a pistol at a crowded shopping facility on North Avenue in that community.

Keith D. Veal, of Calumet Park, was taken into custody Aug. 2 on Desplaines Avenue near the junction with Washington Street. Veal is not facing charges in Forest Park, however, he is suspected of firing a weapon in the vicinity of Menard’s home improvement store in Melrose Park. An alert providing the vehicle’s description and a partial plate number was issued by the West Suburban Consolidated Dispatch Center. Patrolling officers in Forest Park spotted Veal’s blue Impala traveling east along Randolph Street. Backup was called in and the suspect was taken into custody without incident.

A baseball bat and a silver revolver that had been tucked into the fuse panel were discovered in the car, according to police.

Traffic stop yields cash, pot

A traffic stop along Roosevelt Road turned up almost $2,000 in cash and an unknown quantity of marijuana on Aug. 2. At approximately 9:30 p.m., an officer parked at the corner of Harlem and Roosevelt streets saw 19-year-old Joshua McClausley spot the patrol car and quickly leave a nearby parking lot. McClausley was stopped for a traffic violation and officers responding to the scene detected the smell of burnt marijuana. Using a K-9 unit, police discovered a bag of the narcotic in the engine compartment, according to a police report.

A search of the vehicle turned up $1,500 and another $298 was found on McClausley, according to police.

Three other passengers in the vehicle, including a juvenile, were released without charges. McClausley, a Lynwood resident, is facing a single drug possession charge in addition to the traffic citation.

These items were taken from the records of the Forest Park Police Department between July 28 and Aug 4, 2007 and represent only a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not been adjudicated.

Compiled by Josh Adams