Congratulations to Krista Rebraca who was promoted to general manager of New York & Co. on State Street in Chicago. New York & Co. is a chain of women’s clothing, formerly known as Lerner’s. Krista has been with the company for only six months and has proven to be a valuable employee.

Krista’s dear doggie, Sheldon is proud of her, too. But he’s unhappy about her long hours away from home.

The Gasse School of Music supplied some street musicians at the recent Progressive Dinner. Give your kids music lessons and you will give them something no amount of money can buy-a fuller, richer life. The young musicians in the picture are Hubertine Hensler on violin; Kathleen Turek, also on violin and Claire Yeske on viola.

Two Fish has created another beautiful new elephant, “Ellie.” She is as beautiful as her sister was but Ellie is chained down, firmly. Another new elephant face on Madison Street is Francesca’s bountiful elephant. Fruit baskets and other edibles adorn this lovely pachyderm. When it cools off, take a walk along the street and admire these new beauties.

Brenda McNeil is looking for someone to help out for a few hours a day for a while. Drop in and see her if you are interested.

Colleen Nee’s friends had a baby shower in her honor Saturday, Aug. 11. Colleen has been having some minor problems, perhaps caused by the recent heat wave, which put her in Loyola Hospital for a few days.

Congratulations to Madeleine Kochman on the occasion of her Bat Mitzva last Friday, Aug. 10. Madeline was 13 years old about 60 years ago, but who’s counting. She learned Hebrew and with the encouragement of her family and friends went on to achieve this feat. Mazel tov, Madeline!

On Thursdays through Saturdays at 6 p.m. during the month of August in Grant Park there will be one hour dance lessons by professional instructors followed by two hours of live dancing and music. It’s almost always cooler there with the lake breeze.

Centuries & Sleuths mystery discussion group will review a Shane Scully in L.A. book, “The Tin Collectore” on Saturday, Aug. 18 at 2 p.m., by author Stephen J.Cannell. Sometimes it’s fun just to listen to the discussions. You may want to get the book and read it after listening in on the talk.

Apologies to the friends and family of the late Lorraine Bourgeau. She is deceased and I included her in birthday greetings last week. Also, my apologies to Cliff and Joanne Leber, who do not have a daughter-in-law or grandchild. This obviously makes it tougher to visit those relatives, which I goofed and said last week they were doing. Hopefully, Cliff will still cook his fish for the next block party.

I sincerely hope the following birthday celebrants are still extant: Aug. 15, Reid Thompson; on the 16th, Colleen Murray, Rocco Cirrintano (3 years old this year); Aug. 12, Angela Tricoci, Kevin Nutley, Donna Prochazka, Thomas Curry; on the 18th, Betty Breseman, Christine Cassiani, Dorothy Grams, Barb Lambke, Eileen Pfaff, and anniversary greetings to Joyce and Pat Oberg; on the 19th, Lisa Cozzi, Terry Hemstreet, Lindsay Pritchard and Anthony Bower have a happy birthday; Aug. 20, Donald Childs, Madison Crowe, Amanda McAdam, Kaitlin Smith, Ida Hanson, Alice Nolan; Aug. 21, Bill Lichtenberg, Lucinda Mister, Sydney Tellez Brennan; Aug. 22, anniversary greetings to Jon and Letitia Olmsted.