If a tree falls on a deserted street, does anyone hear it? Apparently the answer is yes.

Linda Montes was watching television last Saturday night when she heard a loud crack. A tree, or at least a very large tree-sized branch, fell across her street blocking traffic from both directions. So Linda called the police. When the police came they were stunned, the “branch” was, indeed, as big as a full-sized tree. Linda also called her neighbors, Lisa and Joe Mazzone, since the tree was on their parkway.

The Mazzones had been out to dinner, but they rushed home in time to greet the police. A small crowd of people, dogs, kids, etc. was gathering. Peggy Hughes with her dog Roxanne,said a similar incident had happened on Ferdinand; Geri Grant with dog Gusto, reported one on Adams.

All just another example of the high excitement here in Forest Park on a Saturday night.

Speedy get well wishes to young Ed Moroney who is in ICU as this column is being prepared. Only 46, Ed underwent a quintuple by-pass last Thursday. He is recovering at Loyola and his wife April, dog, Sonny, family, friends and neighbors wish him a complete and swift recovery.

Best wishes for a long, happy married life together to Eduardo Zamore and Marie Raimondi who were married at St. Bernardine’s Saturday, Aug. 18.

Grandmother Laurie Coughlan, a longtime resident, is proud of her granddaughter Laura Hodges for having been named the student of the year at Bethel College in Tennessee.

Uli and Rich Leib entertained their neighbors-all of them-at the annual music fest held at their home. Many of the musicians are professional although everyone is invited to bring an instrument and participate. Shown here are Mike Smith, Rich Leib, Greg Watts, Adam Spizziri, Kathy Sanabria, and Derek Davis. Most of the instrumentalists and singers live in Forest Park.

Gloria Backman wants to remind you that Oct. 6 is indeed the day of the rummage sale for Citizens United in Forest Park. I was corrected the last time I said this group was non-political-everything involving people is political. Sorry. I should have said the group is non-partisan. Everyone is free to speak their mind at CUinFP meetings, and there is usually some interesting topic up for discussion.

Congratulations to Drew Carter who has taken a position with the Crain news organization in Chicago. Drew and his wife Nicole, both newspaper people, are long-time Forest Parkers. They will still live in Forest Park although where Drew will go in the future is unknown. Everyone at the Wednesday Journal will miss him, but everyone wishes him and Nicole the very best that life has to give.

On Aug. 23 happy birthday to 6-year-old Jacob Marchetti; on the 24th, Anne Stretton, Kamryn Edwards, Bonnie Cimiglia and happy anniversary to Mary and Ron Moravec; Aug. 25, Candi Manaois; the 26th, Leslie Kelley, Wilma Haley and anniversary wishes to Hafid and Siham Hamadene; on the 27th, Hazel Anne Rossiwill be 5 years old; Aug. 28, Rosalie Koldan, Colleen Cassiani, Tiffany Cassiani and anniversary greetings to Melissa and Anthony Tareck.