Dear Vivian,

Thank you so much for your handwriting sample and for your kind words about this column. I’m glad you enjoy it and I’m especially happy that you decided to send in some of your handwriting for analysis.

Your writing, Vivian, is very small, light, sharp, connected, and legible. The lines fall from left to right, and your loops (Ys, Gs, and Ls) are large. Your capital letters are also large when compared with your lower case letters.

Your small writing shows a high degree of concentration, realism, and intentional understatement. It also indicates modesty, executive ability and an academic mentality, and a possible inferiority complex. In any case, you are more likely to channel your energies into thinking rather than action. You are conscientious, reserved, studious, thoughtful, and good at detail work.

Your small writing also suggests that you are frugal, submissive, and can easily become despondent and pessimistic.

It is interesting that while your lower case letters are small, your capital letters are large, so I know you are idealistic, dignified, ambitious, and have good self-esteem. You are not afraid of challenges.

Vivian, your writing is light. This fine writing tells me that you are sensitive, feminine, tolerant, spiritual, and idealistic. Since your feelings are not long lasting, you are not likely to be prejudiced or to hold grudges, but you could easily succumb to the dominance of a heavier writer. You are intellectual in your approach to life and you apply your energy with precision and efficiency.

Your large loops mean that you have a very active imagination. This gives you a good deal of creativity to go along with your curious mind, but it also means that you sometimes exaggerate reality. You don’t necessarily lie, but your vivid imagination tends to discolor things.

The right slant of your script shows that you are friendly, sociable, affectionate, unselfish, and enthusiastic. You are ambitious and able to plan ahead. You know where you are now and where you want to go in life, but you are dealing with some inner fatigue or depression caused by haste or overwork.

Also, your writing shows that you are having some difficulty letting go of the past.

In addition to the qualities mentioned above, Vivian, you are a good, steady worker who is practical, realistic and cooperative.

Good luck to you and keep reading the column.

Submit your writing

To have your handwriting analyzed, send a sample to: James Murray, Wednesday Journal, 141 S. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302.