A block party isn’t usually breaking news but this time it is.

Commissioner and resident open talks on possible block party: Chance meeting with commissioner/neighbor at Forest Park Pool uncovers fact that 1000 Block of Beloit hasn’t had a block party in 15 years.

Meeting at commissioner hoskin’s home to plan party: Residents decide who will fill water balloons, who’s going to buy Bingo prizes and who will provide “bouncy thing” for kids to jump in.

Fliers receive strong response: Many residents support party plan and offer donations.

Hoskins obtains permissioner to block off 1000 and 1100 blocks of beloit avenue: Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, commissioner/neighbor secures permit for residents to enjoy a double block party.

Neighbor family found to be completely party-ready: Inquiries to neighbors across the street reveal that they have a bags game, fire pit and plenty of pulled pork.

Face painting and fire engine demonstration announced: Resident volunteers to provide female clown to paint kid’s faces. Kids can’t wait to see fire engine.

Monsoon season ends just in time for block party: Residents relieved that basements haven’t flooded and that they won’t have to sit under a tent all day.

Streets blocked off for party: Kids bicycling up and down Beloit. Long-time resident had no idea there were so many young children living on street.

Beloit residents chow down for lunch: Party-ready family grills lots and lots of hamburgers and hot dogs.

Fire engine drenches area kids: Delighted youngsters play in the spray, while a toddler takes a serious look at the siren.

Bike stolen: During the diversion created by the fire engine, unknown thief swipes kid’s first full-size bike.

Classic rock and r&b blasting while neighbors mingle: Resident discovers there are five persons with medical backgrounds on Beloit: two doctors, one medical resident and two students. Also learns that neighbor is a medical miracle with transplanted heart. “It’s used,” recipient said, “But at least it’s only had one owner.”

Dinner served at block party: Argentine dishes, sweet corn, chicken and plenty of pulled pork, among other delights. Resident has meaningful conversations with at least 20 neighbors he had never spoken to before.

Dj arrives: D.J. Mick sets up on Beloit promptly at 8 p.m. Allows mayor and commissioners to use microphone to warm-up crowd.

Beloit residents get down: Dance floor dominated by pre-teens but adults get up for Hokey Pokey and Shout.

Party winds down: D.J. Mick leaves after extending show to 10:30. Tables brought inside. Street unblocked.

Unclaimed items from block party: A 9-inch by 13-inch metal pan, large fork and two tongs remain unclaimed.

Party planned for next year: Committee says it was so much fun, we’re not going to wait another 15 years.