There are cash cows and milk cows, but The Brown Cow on Madison Street is apparently a shower cow. Connie Brown, probably the boss of the year, had a shower in honor of her long-time employee Colleen Nee, who will soon be taking a maternity leave.

Some Forest Parkers who attended include Suzette Johnson, Mary Alice Nee, Karen McElwain, Selma Meyer and of course Colleen Nee herself. Best wishes for a safe delivery from all of Forest Park, Colleen.

The Novaks finally got their girl. Storey Hannah Novak was born Aug. 10, 2007, weighing 8 pounds, 1 ounce, and measuring 20.5 inches long. Storey’s parents are Dan and Samantha Novak. Ecstatic grandparents are Dave and Carol Novak (who have two sons and two grandsons). Great-Grandma Novak is also celebrating. Congratulations to maternal grandparents James Makin and Kathy Makin, too. Grandma Kathy is in from Beaumont, Texas.

Nancy Bower is fresh off the plane after visiting various parts of Florida. She was so happy to see some old friends such as Sharon Graf. She also spent some time with Ken Stange and his family. Angie DiMarco works at the “Wynn” now, but sends her best wishes back to Forest Park. Nancy also contacted former police officer Bill Pates. All of the aforementioned send their regards to all of us back here. Most of them still read the Review, so hello down there to you from all of us up here.

Let’s give Augie Aleksy and Centuries & Sleuths a well deserved rest this Labor Day weekend. But on Sept. 9 of special interest to all of us, author Robert Goldsborough will sign and discuss “A Death in Pilsen,” his third Steve Malek mystery set in Chicago, Oak Park and Naperville in 1946. That’s at 2 p.m. on that Sunday.

On Aug. 29 happy birthday to Donna Chan, Milaldy Gerger, Bethany Hawkins, Brandi Mintz, Jaclyn Moravec, Matt DeCosola; on the 30th, Paul Richards, Michelle Becker Baum, Aaron Scheiwe, John Connor Trage; on Aug. 31, Jessica Huebner, Al Lussow, Samantha Triplet and Pat Petrey; Sept. 1, Ron Apilado, Steve Knack, Steve Sellack anniversary greetings to Bill and Maureen Flagg; on Sept. 2, Patti Mullin, John Tricoci Jr., Sarah Goetz, Lois Bugajski, Tim Scheiwe; on the 3rd, Jamie Carr, Sheila O’Shea, Nancy Bower, Dan Novak, Eric Battersby, Connor Hoehne; Sept. 4, Marc Neumann, Veronica Barajas, Jack Brennan, Jodie Giblin, Larry Steinbach, Marianne Fabbrini; Sept. 5, David Kazar, Todd Bower.

Thanks for your time.