A Forest Park woman accusing an off-duty police officer of raping her at her home earlier this month apparently knew her alleged assailant, though, the nature of their relationship remains unclear.

According to a police report generated by the Forest Park Police Department, which responded to the initial complaint, the victim met the officer at 10:30 p.m. on Aug. 11. It is not clear from the information released in the report whether the two had planned to meet, but statements taken by police indicate the two were familiar.

“They arrived at [location withheld] at about 10:30 p.m. on 11 August 2007, and found that [name withheld], a Forest Park police officer, was there,” investigators said in their report. “[Name withheld] stated that they knew [name withheld] previously, and they joined him….”

State police are investigating the allegations against the Forest Park officer. A spokesperson for the state, Lt. Scott Compton, said he could not comment on what investigators have learned about the relationship between the accused and his alleged victim.

“When it’s an ongoing investigation you don’t want to jeopardize that investigation,” Compton said.

Forest Park police were notified of the incident during the early morning hours of Aug. 12, according to Mayor Anthony Calderone.

No charges have been filed in the case, nor has an arrest been made.

The heavily redacted report was released by the village Aug. 22 and the names of potential witnesses, addresses and the location where the accused officer allegedly met the woman were all struck through in heavy black marker. Any information withheld from the public is done so in the interest of protecting the identities of those involved, as well as the integrity of the state’s investigation, Calderone said.

“We’ve decided not to reveal the victim’s name, witnesses’ names or anything that could narrow the location of the offense,” Calderone said. “Obviously, [the media] would be making inquiries, which we understand, but at this stage of the criminal investigation we don’t want to jeopardize the investigation.”

According to partially redacted portions of the report, the alleged victim and her roommate were at an undisclosed location “directly downstairs from their apartment” on Madison Street prior to meeting the officer. It’s unclear at what location the women met the officer or if the meeting had been arranged at an earlier time.

The report does indicate the victim had been drinking, however, the responding officer’s narrative makes no mention of intoxication. The report also states the victim did not report any injuries.

A potential witness in the case, presumably a roommate of the victim, told police that after the alleged assault took place the victim “continued crying and it took her a long time to finally tell us what had happened.”

Though no charges have been filed in the case, Police Chief James Ryan has placed the officer on paid administrative leave. Calderone said the patrolman’s employment status hinges on the outcome of the state’s investigation as well as an internal review being conducted by the police chief.

The Review is withholding the name of the accused until such time an arrest is made, charges are filed or substantive disciplinary action is taken against the officer by the village.

Calderone said state police suggested their inquiry would be complete in roughly two week’s time and then handed off to Assistant State’s Attorney Colin Simpson. According to Compton, Simpson’s office will determine whether to press criminal charges. Repeated calls to the state’s attorneys’ office in Maywood were not returned.

As for the likelihood of the state police investigation concluding soon, Compton said it would be inappropriate to shortchange the facts in the interest of a deadline.

“Our intent is to conduct a complete and thorough investigation that’s best for everyone,” Compton said.