Judy Arnold took a few friends to see “The Odd Couple” at Drury Lane two weeks ago. May Bill, Janet Paulin, Judy and Barbara Rigney enjoyed the show tremendously, but thought they might have to call an usher to carry May out she was laughing so hard. The humor is timeless in this great Neil Simon comedy.

During the third act the ladies heard thunder and wondered if it was a part of the show. When they got outside they learned the thunder was part of that storm we experienced on Aug. 21. The lucky ladies weren’t scared for a minute, didn’t even know there was a storm going on outside. But they do highly recommend seeing the show, even if you saw it years ago. It’s still funny.

One of Forest Park’s finest, Officer Tim Adams and his stunningly beautiful wife, Ann, were surprised to meet another couple from Forest Park at Ann’s cousin’s wedding. Kathleen Makril Walton and her husband Jerry Walton are friends of the groom’s mother. Also representing Forest Park was beguiling little flower girl, Fiona Roach, a relative of the groom, Michael Kelley. Michael married Gretchen Schmidt at Holy Family Church in Chicago. The reception took place in the garden and dining room of Saint Ignatius High School.

Another Forest Park connection: groom Michael Kelley’s father, Tim Kelley attended law school with our own Ed O’Shea many years ago and the two have remained friends for more than 50 years.

There’ll be a hot time in the old town on the weekend of Sept. 7, 8 and 9 at Lincoln Square at the corner of Lincoln and Leland avenues in Chicago. The German-American Fest will begin Friday at 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday at noon. At 11 a.m. on Sunday there will be a German Mass. The 42nd annual Steuben Parade will be held on Saturday, Sept. 8 at 2 p.m. at Lincoln Avenue and Irving Park Road. Admission is free. Forest Parkers involved in these festivities are Zeno and Georgette Jacquat, Peter and Isabel Herdeg, Ellie Clifton, Elfie Pett, Tina and Gary Neubeiser and Ed and Judy Huether.

If you like to sing and mingle with friendly, interesting people, join the German-American mixed chorus any Tuesday evening at the Eagles Hall, 446 Hannah Ave. from 7:30 until 9 p.m. Call Isabelle or Peter at (630) 545-1041 for more information.

Lorena Gasse, daughter of Daniel Gasse, along with her dance partner Ariel Barrionueno participated in the International Tango Festival held recently in Chicago. Dancers from the U.S., Argentina, Italy and Mexico participated. Ms. Gasse and her partner have won prizes in many worldwide competitions.

Apologies to the Forest Parkers who have migrated to Las Vegas. I put them in Florida by mistake last week.

This week, happy birthday wishes go to David Kazar and Todd Bower on Sept. 5; on the 6th, Toni Terrano, Amanda Koehne 8-year-olds Nicholas Garlisch and Michael Dylan Clifton and John Michael Deering; Sept. 7, Millie Mango; on the 8th, Aaron Bakartis will be 9 years old, Christine and Joe Carr and Todd Marler; Sept. 9, Clayton Davis, Kirk Scully; Sept. 10, happy anniversary to Tony and Lois Calderone and to John and Catherine Trage, and birthday greetings to Rick Stephanie; on Sept. 11, Carol and Dave Novak have an anniversary, Diane Huebner and her mother, Betty Huebner share a birthday. Also on the birthday list for the 11th is Marion Flight; Sept. 12 anniversary greetings to Guy and Katina Macino and birthday greetings to Nicole Walsh, 1-year-old Max Rus, Celeste Cosgrove and Claire Finnegan.