Column’s light

This letter is in response to “Alas, September has cometh” (Opinion, Aug. 29). As I am from the Boomer generation, it is refreshing and encouraging to find that the caring parent legacy is still alive and doing well in these last and evil days.

Carrol Sydnor
Philadelphia, Pa.

Infestation invited

This in response to the story about the rats (“Rats swarm several neighborhoods,” Sept. 5). Heather Colvin says she has rats. It was pointed out in the story that her dogs have left feces in her yard. Heather should clean up after her dogs daily! Anyone knows that dog feces attracts mice and rats! She should be fined by the village for not cleaning up after her dogs and being part of the problem that brings rats to Forest Park. Just like the people that throw food everywhere “for the animals.”

Dan London