One of the advantages of walking a dog is all the beauty you come across serendipitously around town. In the alley behind the 500 block of Ferdinand I came across this lovely sight (see photo below). Those sunflowers are a lovely cocoa brown with a velvety texture. The weathered wood of the fence makes a beautiful background.

The centennial celebration was a huge success. One of the attractions not on the main stage was The Ernie Hynes Experience with featured keyboard artist Peter Giankopolis. Also in the ensemble are Peter Connor on bass, Michael Miskawitz on drums and Greg Landfair on guitar. The music is not glitzy, but soothing and melodic. The group was seen on cable TV several times last week thanks to POGO of Metromix.

A warm welcome goes to Gloria Davis, who is here visiting her daughter and grandchildren. Ms. Davis, a teacher and minister, is from the town in Nigeria where Roger Grantwas born. The two had lots to talk about when they met.

Congratulations and best wishes to newlyweds, Katie Murray and Dan McElliott who were married July 21 at Saint Bernardine’s. The reception, like one we reported on last week, was held at Saint Ignatius, which is Katie’s alma mater. Katie is the daughter of Jim and Ann Murray, both of whom are teachers or former Forest Park teachers. Groom Dan is a fourth-grade teacher at Grant-White. Katie is a writer for an advertising agency in Chicago. The two met while students at the University of Illinois in Champaign.

Ambees, “Excellence Deserves Recognition”-where we all go for awards, trophies and loving cups is moving from its Madison Street location to Westchester. Moving date is January 2008; new address 10401 W. Cermak Road. That’s at the corner of Manheim (LaGrange Road) and 22nd Street. We are sorry to lose them.

The Friends of the River Forest Library cordially invite all Forest Parkers to spend a delightful afternoon with the late President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on Monday, Oct. 8 at 2 p.m. The president will greet people in the Library Meeting Room, just inside the entrance on the left. American history comes to life in the capable hands of dramatist R.J. Lindsey who has appeared at the library in various roles, such as Thomas Edison and James Breasted (Egyptologist, U of C). Mr. Roosevelt will discuss the Depression, the arts, his polio, which was called infantile paralysis at the time, World War II, and other issues that were important then. He tells about his charming little Scottie, Falla, King George VI, and his fabulous Eleanor. Refreshments will be served and enjoyment is assured. Call 366-5205 if you’d like more information.

Can you believe how dark it is at 8 p.m.? Depressing.

On Sept. 12 say happy birthday to Nicole Walsh, Celeste Cosgrove, Claire Finnegan and 1-year-old Max Rus; on the 13th, 7-year-old Brian Foley also to Adam Goetz, and happy anniversary to Ed and Irene O’Shea; Sept. 14, happy birthday to Matt Massoth, Alyssa Neff; on the 15th, Alexander Bafetti, Nick Spanuello; on the 16th, Debbie Doss Morris and Lucy Gianelli; on the 17th, Laura McDermott and Hunter Van Zant; on the 18th, Dan Lala; on Sept. 19, Brendan Miranda will be 4 years old.

Sandy Byrnes is giving classes in card-making for kids. How about a class for us really big kids? I for one would love to learn more about making cards. How about it, Sandy?