Forest Park’s famous bookstore, Centuries & Sleuths is sold out for both performances of “Meeting of Minds” on Nov. 2 and 3. In the future I think Augie will have to schedule three weekends for these “Minds” productions. But watch for some other stellar authors and book signings coming in October and November.

On Sept. 23 Jean Hunt will discuss her second volume, “Walking with Women through Chicago History.” It’s an exciting follow up to her first volume with some names that may surprise you. That’s at 2 p.m. On Thursday, Sept. 25 at 7 p.m. Michael Jecks, an Englishman and retired computer programmer, will review the latest in his medieval mystery series set in the 14th century and featuring the Knights Templar and Philip the Fair. On Sept. 29 at 2 p.m. Kevin Helmond, a former fireman, will discuss his latest book, “Echos of Torment.” The book chronicles firemen and mysteries surrounding some of their experiences in Las Vegas. I hope some of our firemen will be there to add to the discussion. If you misplace this article and want to know more, it’ll probably all be on Rick Kogan’s “Sunday Papers” on WGN radio on Sunday mornings beginning at 7 a.m.

Good Samaritan Glenn Garlisch was found a la Holden Caulfield, again, cleaning graffiti off the playground equipment at the corner of Adams and Thomas streets. Glenn tries to keep the writing off and then talk calmly to the teenage boys (and sometimes girls) who like to frequent that little playground after hours.

Mary Eriksen and a group of her friends took advantage of the lovely fall weather last weekend. The ladies went hiking and spent time enjoying nature at Turkey Run Inn in Brown County, Ind.

Sympathies go out to Ingrid Scott who returned home to New Orleans for the death of a close family member last week. Fortunately for her family, the devastation to their property from Hurricane Katrina was not as destructive as it was for others.

Here [see photo] we have a beautiful photo of a well constructed hornets’ nest found in a tree at the northwest end of the 500 block of Beloit Avenue. One nervous neighbor kept shouting “Get away! They’ll kill you!” They didn’t.

Save the date: Oct. 8 at 2 p.m. with FDR (a.k.a R.J. Lindsey). There’s no charge and refreshments will be served at this River Forest Library event.

Chris Borzello was driving around town looking at some of the places he loved best when he was a youngster. He was driving down the block where his grandparents, the late Ida and Christ Lutz lived out their lives. Chris and his wife Kelly are fine and raising their family in Elmhurst. Brother Peter is also raising a family now and the famous (or infamous) Danny has quieted down and is working and doing fine.

Are you depressed lately? Is it the war, the early darkness, the November temperatures that have arrived before mid September? Whatever it seems to be it’s afflicting many of us and I hope it goes away. Watch your dog playing with his friends; that seems to help.

Birthdays this month: Sept. 19 happy birthday to Brendan Miranda; on the 20th, happy anniversary to Sandy and Joe Byrnes to Frank and Loudine Romano to Dan and Donna Danielson and Tony and Jackie Cardamone; happy birthday to Jon Scheiwe and Rochel Riske; on Sept. 21, Josiah Abraham will be 1 year old, Maria Walsch and Joseph Peterson will be 7 years old and Nick Novak will be 5; Gene Fletcher has a birthday, too (age unknown); on Sept. 22, Gigi Alfano, Peter Thiesse and Vanesta Harris get a birthday wish; on the 23rd, Bishoy Saleeb has a birthday; Sept. 24, Samantha Grams; on the 25th, Elsa Katlic, Linda Wojtas and happy anniversary to Marge and Al Bucholtz; on Sept. 26, Caryn Lichtenberg, Lou Thompson, Mary Ann Munoz, Jason Almeroth and anniversary wishes to Connie and Ted Considine.

That’s about it. Ah choo, as they say in Lithuania.