Rodents on Marengo of no concern to Chicago man

This letter is in response to Letters, “Infestation invited” (Sept. 12). How is it that someone from Chicago feels he is qualified to comment on the problems Forest Park residents deal with daily? Has Mr. Dan London ever stood in front of a house on Marengo and watched a rat scurry across the street? Has he ever stood in the alley packing his car for a trip and have a rat practically run over his feet? Has he seen rats run through his yard on a regular basis? I am afraid to use my yard at night even though I have a lovely patio. How dare he imply Ms. Colvin does not keep her property clean?

She is a long-time resident, dedicated to improving her property. She has a stake in this neighborhood. She did not create this problem. Many of us in the neighborhood have dogs and many don’t. The rats don’t care if you have dogs or not. They are equal-opportunity disease bearing pests.

I have lived in my Marengo Avenue house over 12 years and before that I lived in an apartment on Marengo. Believe me, if I had seen the things I have in the last two years, I would never have purchased a home here. There was never a sign of rats before the recycling company was allowed to import them with garbage from other communities. You could not come home, after a light snow, and see hundreds of rat tracks in and out of a neighbor’s garage. We did not have this problem before the recycling company moved in. And by the way, Ms. Colvin and her dogs lived here then, too.

So before you start accusing people you don’t know, get your facts straight!

Frances Arcuri
Forest Park

Make no assumption

First of all, regarding other readers’ comments on Miss Colvin’s yard (Letters, Sept. 19), in the story it said that “…her yard had dog feces attracting rats.” Second of all I was not assuming. Until recently I lived in Forest Park. I used to walk by Miss Colvin’s yard, and it was always full of dog droppings. Now, who is assuming?

Dan London

Support for soldiers

I would like to thank the following people for their continued generous support and donations for my care packages to our soldiers and veterans: the Forest Park V.F.W. Ladies Auxiliary Post 7181; members of the Forest Park Senior Citizens Club; the Quilters of St. John Lutheran Church; the Forest Park V.F.W Post 7181, and finally, Hertha Holstein who has crocheted over 200 lap robes for our veterans at Hines hospital. I certainly could not manage my projects without your love and assistance!

Betty Schultz
Forest Park

Rib Fest success

I want to express my sincere appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success of our Rib Fest on Saturday, Sept. 15. To our sponsors: Mesirow Financial, Park Plaza Dodge, Ultra Foods, Forest Park Liquor Association and Robinson’s #1 Ribs who contributed financially. To our contestants: John Lazarich, John Doss, Brian and Vanessa Moritz, Robert Walsh, Dave Rita and Rich Krieger, Paul Price, Mike Racanelli, Chris Leahy, Perry Bax and Chi-Town Smokers, Shelanda Barren-Johnson, Lauren and Augie Battaglia, Anthony Lazzara, Mark Passariello, Jerrene and Roy Meier, Don Cheval and the Forest Park Fire Department, Sam Montgomery, Eric Bell, Walter Cole, John Spielman, Tim Bilbo, Adam Schauer, Ron Taylor and Brian Hayes, Yvonne Mesa-Magee and Jim Angelo and Monica Golant who cooked up hundreds of slabs of delicious ribs. To our judges: Mike Sturino, Rob Bonaccorsi, Robin Jenkins, Anthony Buoniconti, Charlie Robinson, Tim Murray and Willie Novelli who tasted and scored each contestant.

To Larry Piekarz and staff at the Park District of Forest Park for use of their stage and golf cart. To Famous Liquors for the Bacardi Tent supplies. To chef Denise Murray who prepared delicious samples of cornbread and cole slaw. To our food vendors: Robinson’s #1 Ribs, R-Place, Forest Park Little League, Bubba’s Roasted Corn, Chase Root Beer and One Potato Too for the great variety of edibles. To Doc Ryan’s for advertising space on their upper level. To Charlie Robinson whose expertise and advice helped us through the event. To the entire Community Center staff, volunteers and Rib Fest committee including Karen Dylewski, Rich Barger, Brenda Powers, Bridget and Bob Dowdle, Patti Marino, Terry Meffley, Pat Riske, Adrian Echevarria, Diana Dylewski, Scott Gerhke, Beth Koranda, Nikki Petrey, Lisa Richards, Paul Richards, Chris Thomas, Amanda Bartucci, Patricia Dunaway, Ciara Malone, Amber Csech, Ashley Ruane, Nitasha Ali, Steve Knysch, Dee Gray and Kathleen Ryan who worked very hard to make the day a success. To Bob Kutak and the Public Works Department for helping with grove set up and trash removal and Chief Jim Ryan and the police department for maintaining public safety.

Thank you to all who attended our Rib Fest and sampled the delicious ribs and to Mayor Anthony Calderone who MC’ed the event and announced the winners.

First place winner was Robert Walsh, second place Don Cheval and the Forest Park Fire Department, third place Shelanda Barren-Johnson, crowd favorite went to Dave Rita and Rich Krieger and the group having the most fun was Walter Cole and family. Congratulations to all the contestants.

Beverly Thompson, Community Center director
Forest Park