With the Park District headquarters undergoing renovation work this fall and its program space filled with furniture moved to accommodate the project, the search was on for a temporary location to hold its adult fitness and youth dance classes. So Park District Executive Director Larry Piekarz put in a call to commercial real estate broker Dave King, and landed a prime spot on Madison Street free of charge.

King is overseeing the space formerly occupied by the Save-Er grocery store that closed in mid August. Eventually, he hopes to turn the space over to a retailer or restaurant, but for the time being the vacant storefront is filled with exercise mats and is the temporary home of the Park District’s fitness programs.

The landlord, Midwest Property Group Ltd., has agreed to let the parks use the building for free.

“He (King) was just nice enough to let us use the space until he rents it out,” Piekarz said.

The 4,300-square foot space located at 7404 Madison St. is now home to yoga classes, kickboxing and an assortment of fitness classes that run in the evenings and on Saturdays. The Park District has been using the space for a few weeks, according to Superintendent of Recreation Erin Parchert.

King is still actively marketing the property.

“We are absolutely in the midst of marketing the property and there are several groups that are interested,” King said. “We are talking to both retail and restaurants.”

King said he hopes to have the space rented by no later than the first quarter of 2008.

Piekarz is optimistic that the Park District’s facilities will be able to host the fitness classes by January.

“The timing works,” King said.