Dear Dee,

Thank you so much for your handwriting sample and note.

I’m happy to hear that you love Forest Park and are still living here. It is quite a place.

Dee your writing is light, small, and rightward, except for your capital Is, which slant to the left.

The personal pronoun I is an interesting letter because it is a self-symbol, and represents your view of yourself. The fact that your Is go to the left while all the other letters go to the right means that you see yourself as very different from everyone else.

Your rightward facing strokes show that you are open and kind and accepting of others, but no so of yourself. Your leftward capital Is mean that you are much harder and more demanding of yourself than of other people. This shows a lack of self-confidence and a measure of self-doubt. Perhaps this means you have not yet adjusted to the loss of your husband and are still working through the grieving process.

In any case, I would suggest that you try to be at least as kind and accepting of yourself as you are of others. One way of reminding yourself to do this would be to make your capital Is face to the right like all your other letters. This is a form of grapho-therapy that should help you see yourself in a more favorable light.

On the positive side, I’m thrilled to hear that you are willing to go anywhere and do anything. This shows a willingness to get on with your life.

Dee, your writing also reveals that you are accurate and have good powers of concentration, which certainly helps you with needlepoint. It also means that you are modest, tolerant, thoughtful, intelligent, sensitive, feminine, adaptable, sympathetic, frank and empathic.

This same combination of strokes also suggests that you could be timid, fearful, submissive, and have difficulty seeing the bigger picture. You have an economical mind and are frugal and cautious with money, time, and your energy.

Much luck and happiness to you.

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