Well, the big scary day is almost here. This year spooks aren’t saying “BOO!” I understand the scariest thing they can possibly say is “George Bush! Dick Cheney!” Maybe that’s a bit too scary.

Among the scariest houses this year is one on the 500 block of Thomas Avenue, home to Brian, Paula, Chris, Maria and Alex Garcia. Take a look at the photo or walk by and see it for yourself.

Ann Messerschmidt is back in town after a brief look at the fall colors in Door County. Clarence and Lucy Schoepe and Nancy Lovell also went to Door County with the City Ventures Ladies. Everyone enjoyed the scenery and the company. They said the cherries were sinfully delicious.

Everyone is invited to attend the Harlemmaenner and Damen Choir concert at the River Grove Lodge located at the corner of River Road and Fullerton on Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. A $10 admission charge entitles you to a fun filled evening with enthusiastic singers, a delicious dinner, homemade desserts and dancing afterwards. Current and former Forest Parkers who will make your evening enjoyable are Zeno Jacquat and his wife Georgette, Peter and Isabelle Herdeg, Ellie Clifton, Judy and Ed Huether and Elfie Pett who won’t be singing but will be on hand to assist with the socializing.

The Oak Park Women’s Exchange proudly presents its 33rd annual holiday art and craft fair at the high school, 201 North Scoville on Sunday, Nov. 4 from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. This art and craft fair is special. No junk. Everything is done by very talented craftsman and artists, some of whom are professionals. More than 140 artists from five states participate. You can pick up unique items, many created by our own Forest Park artists, Jean and Larry Burdek, Fred Bryant and Rhoda Harris.

Congratulations to the Girl Scouts of Forest Park who have been reactivated. I hope to be able to report on their activities in the future. Missed hearing from those young ladies.

If you are a Hemingway fan, the Oak Park Library and Oak Park Hemingway Foundation will hold a discussion at the library on Lake Street Saturday, Nov. 3 at 2 p.m. Editor William White will discuss his book of selected articles and dispatches of four decades.

The holidays are coming and the anxiety of what to give is upon us again. Remember, a book given as a gift will keep on giving for years. “Stuff” gifts are only good for a short time. Besides, people have too much “stuff.” Give a book, it lasts practically forever. By the way, supporting independent book sellers helps support your community. Online books may be cheaper, ditto for those Wal-Mart type bookstore chains. But these mega chains benefit only their shareholders.

On Oct. 25, happy birthday wishes to Hannah Connelly, John Paul Schmidt and anniversary wishes to Austen and Terry D’Souza. It also happens to be the anniversary of the battle of Agincourt, St. Crispin’s Day (Henry V); Oct. 26, Jamie Stetler, Samantha Zaverdas, Dick Byars, and 3-year-old Josie Becker happy anniversary to Connie and Ralph Considine; on the 27th Kay Duff, Drew Christopher Frank; on the 28th, Charlotte Lavnick, Chloe Hillis, Annette Stetler, Rich Bisluk; Oct. 29, Cory Fink, Marjorie Beyer, and anniversary time for Tom and Hazel Esposito; Oct. 30, Ryan Neff, Tony Iannantuoni, Helen Dvorak, Pat Uphughes and anniversary time for Mary and Pete Brown; Oct. 31, Karen Woods, Spencer Brooks, Jessica Emily Dodge and 4-year-old Sam Bland.

Thanks for your time, or as they say in Albania, “falaminderis.”