More Forest Parkers made the trip up to Door County to see the fall colors. This time it was Marion Davis and her brother Ralph Davis, who is from Dixon. Below, the siblings are pictured in front of the Bjorkhunden Chapel near Bailey’s Harbor, built during WWII as a chapel for peace. The chapel is filled with beautiful wood carvings and fresco paintings.

Several Forest Park artists and craftsmen will be exhibiting their works at the Women’s Exchange Fair at Oak Park River Forest High School on Saturday, Nov. 3. Among the townspeople who will be exhibiting is Patrick Doolin. Patrick was an art major in college and once gave a demonstration at the Forest Park library on bronze sculpture using the lost wax process. At this show he’ll be exhibiting some of his wood and stone carvings. In case you didn’t know, he is also a famous bagpiper and if the real estate market doesn’t pick up, I’m thinking maybe he’ll be available for weddings, christenings, communions and bar mitzvahs. The high school is located at Lake Street and Elmwood. Free parking is available in the school’s parking garage.

Hertha Orszula was on hand for the opening of the 76th season of the Symphony of Oak Park and River Forest. Hertha is a new resident at the Grove, which she loves. She was thrilled with the orchestra and is happy she has season tickets. Hertha comes to Forest Park from, get this, Hawaii!

Forest Park lost another old timer last week. Esther Hartke, long a familiar face and voice around town, has joined her dear friend Donna Bruenning in death. Sympathy to Esther’s family and friends.

Attention singers! The Symphony Chorus of the SOPRF will begin rehearsals for the Feb. 10 concert featuring the Brahms German Requiem. Rehearsals begin Sunday, Nov. 11 at First United Church of Christ, 848 Lake St. in Oak Park at 2 p.m. Bill Chin is the director, an excellent musician with an easy going attitude, great sense of humor and just a really great guy. No bullying tactics, no memorization, just get together to do your best and enjoy singing a great work. For more information call (708) 383-5092. Of all the choral works I think this one is my favorite.

On Sunday, Nov. 18 at 4 p.m. at Saint John Lutheran Church, 305 Circle Ave., the Oak Park Concert Chorale will present the Vivaldi “Gloria,” as the centerpiece of its Christmas concert. Other featured composers will be Schein, de Victoria, Carl Schalk, and Paul Bouman. The chorale is conducted by Paul Lindblad. Future concert dates for this talented, local group are April 5 and April 13.

Singers in the OPCC are of all ages and ethnicities, and come from as far as Hungary and the St. Croix, Virgin Islands.

A minor correction to last week’s column: The Nov. 3 book discussion on Ernest Hemingway will be held at Centuries and Sleuths bookstore, not the Oak Park Public Library.

On Nov. 1 happy birthday to Alena Murguia Uphughes, Kevin Massoth, Sean Thiesse, Michael Fabre; on the 2nd, Robyn Popelka; 3rd, Meredith Dorneker, Sharon O’Shea, A.J. Turek; on the 4th, Ryan Miller, Ian Hoffman and Jim Brown; Nov. 5, Marge Welsh, Carl Hajec, Laura Steinhaver, Heather Dornbusch, Michael Bruzek, Michael Rudolph; Nov. 6, Ed Spinelli; 7th, Jean Zelenski, Brian Cote, Art McGrath, Harriet Smith, Marikate Marin.

Chop a bun. Thanks for your time, or as they say in Albania, “Falaminderis.”