Chop a bun!

Apologies to Joan and Mike Bigos for waiting so long to get this into the column. Lack of organization on my part is to blame. In other words, I lost the letter. Sorry. But here’s the story of the Bigos’ exciting sojourn in Alexandria, Va., a few weeks (months) ago.

They visited nephew Kevin Bigos and family and had a sort of mini reunion when more relatives arrived from California. The families cruised down the Potomac and saw all the historic places they could from the river, such as Mt. Vernon. They visited the Pentagon, Washington Monument, the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials, enjoyed shopping in the Olde Towne district of Alexandria, and really loved the open air seafood market. There they bought freshly caught shrimp and crabs, which made a memorable dinner.

Congratulations to newly engaged couple Beth Rehor and Sean O’Shea. Beth is working in Naperville, Sean just got out of the Navy. They became engaged out at Cantigny and will probably have the marriage ceremony there as well. She is one of the Forest Park Rehors. He is the son of Harry and Patricia O’Shea.

One sure way your youngsters will not get poisoned form lead tainted toys this year is to give them a book for Christmas, or any other occasion. Kids really love books and can spend hours, even years enjoying them. Right over here at Oak Park Avenue and Lake Street is one of the most delightful book stores anywhere, The Magic Tree. Iris Yipp and her staff of able assistants can help you choose just the right book for your child. Just as Auggie Aleksy can do for adults here in Forest Park. And remember, when you shop locally you keep your dollars in our economy, help create local jobs, and help the environment by not traveling and using more gas. By shopping locally you help nurture our community, and conserve your tax dollars, making sure your tax dollars are put to work right here. The more people come here for purchases, the stronger our community becomes.

Ava Elizabeth arrived in Lincoln, Neb., after a long delay. She is the new granddaughter of Geri and Roger Grant; more to come on this.

The Friends of the Forest Park Library voted to spend $3,000 to help support various departments of the library such as youth services, adult audio programs, and to buy new furniture. The friends deliver books to nursing homes, Hines Hospital, etc. Everyone is invited to the Dec. 1 meeting of the Friends, which will be a Christmas party with games and refreshments at 2 p.m. The meeting will be held in the Austen Meeting Room. Any questions, call Ruth Loyd at (708) 366-4123.

On to the late November birthdays. We sure got rid of November in a hurry this year, didn’t we?

On Nov. 28, happy birthday to May Bill; on the 29th, Jessica Marafatsos, Maddie MacKay; the 30th, Michael Branda, Patrick Rice; Dec. 1, 2-year-old Bradley Edward Specter; Dec. 3, special greetings to Dixie Quitsch also to Reagan Hosty, Roland Maughm and Mylinda Stange; Dec. 4, Barbara Hosty. Now fa la minderis. Thanks for your time.

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