Alternatives to YMCA offered in January

In response to Mayor Calderone’s recent assertion that there was no public dialogue about the sale of the Altenheim land to the YMCA, these facts are presented.

Last fall, Citizens United in Forest Park circulated a survey that offered six possible uses for the Altenheim land. At the Jan. 8, 2007, village council meeting, during public comment, CUinFP presented the following survey results:

40 percent-Wide Open Park

18 percent-Entertainment/Performing Arts Complex

18 percent-YMCA

14 percent-Single Family Homes

4 percent-Sports Complex

6 percent-Other

After presenting the survey results, CUinFP noted that the Altenheim Steering Committee had not met since 2004 and the public forum that was promised in July 2002 never occurred. Hope was expressed that the village council would make good on its promises and bring the matter to the public.

Board of Directors, Citizens United in Forest Park
Forest Park

Worthwhile group

I have been reading the Forest Park Review for almost as long as I have lived in Forest Park–more than three years. For over a year I have been attending the meetings of Citizens United in Forest Park. To the best of my knowledge it is the only activist group in Forest Park, and covers information about elections, voter registration and many other issues that would appeal to Forest Park residents.

My concern is the Forest Park Review calendar. There are seven listings including cultural events, classes, organizations, recreation, seniors, education and government–good listings. However, there is no coverage of Citizens United in Forest Park, which is an organization.

I request that you add Citizens United in Forest Park to your organizations list, including the usual information about their meeting dates, time and location of CUinFP meetings. You might also consider an article about this group, which would be interesting to many Forest Park residents.

I will appreciate your consideration of adding this information about an important organization (the only of its kind) to the Review calendar.

Paul Bloyd
Forest Park