Dear Val,

Thank you very much for your note and handwriting sample.

You are correct that I am in need of samples, and I’m happy that you are interested in having your writing analyzed again. I hope you still have your last analysis so you can compare them.

There are two outstanding characteristics in your writing, Val. One is the angularity which is found in the sharp points and angles of your letters, especially the lower case Ms and Ns. The other is the speed with which you write, and both these characteristics provide evidence as to the power of your intellect. You are a very bright person!

You write very quickly, Val, and you do this because you think very quickly. Speed is essential to your thinking processes, so you have a great deal of mental energy, aggression, and vitality. Your brain is always active so you are in constant need of mental stimulation. You have many interests and a good deal of ambition and initiative. You are self-assured and goal minded but you easily become bored if you do not have enough challenge and variety in your life, so you need to be continually thinking in creative and innovative ways.

Your angular strokes tell me that you like to figure things out and that you could be an excellent strategist as well as an engineer, electrician, or scientist. Your determination to succeed and your ability to work energetically are strong, but the variety and complexity of human emotions remain a baffling mystery to you. You are principled, disciplined, and firm in your goals, and you cannot figure out why everyone else is not like you. Once your mind is made up you rarely get sidetracked from an intended goal.

Val, you are sociable, friendly, kind, and outgoing but your mind disciplines your emotions so I know that you are dependable and emotionally stable. You are realistic, practical, opinionated, and strong willed. You like having things your way.

The frequent breaks between your letters mean that you are an intuitive person. You often sense or feel things before they actually happen, and this is an indication of musical talent. You have the ability to play a musical instrument (even if you do not) and you are able to appreciate and understand the greatness of music. You also have a natural aptitude for most other art forms.

Good luck to you, Val, and happy holidays.

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