Legal system leaves no room for incompetence

After serving jury duty recently, I would hire anyone to help in proving my innocence and protecting me throughout the legal process. You make it sound as if hiring a high profile lawyer makes someone guilty (“Indicted cop hires a shark,” page one, Dec. 19). Witnessing the process firsthand makes me sure that even the smallest chance of one’s lawyer not being up to the legal task results in ruining your life. Why wouldn’t you hire the best in the field to defend you?

Since I have lived in the village most of my life, 56 years, I believe that Sgt. Murphy was working under the direction and auspicious of the police department at that time. I would also like to stress that if I were ever in need of help Sgt. Murphy is the man that I would want to answer my 911 call. He is a highly trained (military veteran) skilled professional who has shown great courage both at his job and in his personal life.

Kathy Collins
Forest Park

Some display

It is amazing how the computer has changed the way we do things now (“Watt a holiday,” page one, Dec. 19).

Delbert Hansen
Walla Walla, Wash.