YMCA funds help those in need

The West Cook YMCA would like to thank all of the members, volunteers, and community supporters who contributed in 2007 to our most successful Invest in Youth Campaign ever. We raised $106,000 through our spring gala, our Christmas tree sale, and our annual solicitation. In difficult economic times we are gratified by the commitment shown to our venerable community institution.

The Invest in Youth program supports more than 1,200 individuals (most of them youth, but we support many others including seniors and single parents) who need and want YMCA services and programming but who can not afford them. As a mission-centered community organization, we strive to serve everyone who looks to the Y for a way to build a healthy spirit, mind, and body.

Invest in Youth scholarships and subsidies support swim lessons, day camps, child care, youth sports, and teen programs as well as senior, family, and adult memberships in cases of demonstrated need.

In 2007 the campaign theme was “the power of giving.” Our YMCA has touched hundreds upon hundreds of lives in many ways. Thanks to the generosity of the Oak Park, River Forest, and Forest Park communities as well as supporters around the country who remember how this YMCA impacted their lives. In 2008, as the West Cook YMCA has done every year since 1903, will we continue to build strong kids, strong families and strong communities.

Christopher Wilkerson, 2007 Invest in Youth chair,
YMCA board member

Tangled webs

Thanks for letting us see the tangled spider web that has formed in the village’s government (“Commissioners steer clear of cop’s fundraiser,” published online, Jan. 4). This is not new. Past administrations have been the same. When will the voters learn that two terms is the limit?

Tim Canavan
Forest Park

Consider the source

I just finished reading the Post and am once again amazed at our mayor’s letter. He does have a recurring theme in these missives, “why is everybody always picking on me?” And arrogance? Are he and his recommended publications the only source of “factual” information available to us?

The Post has some interesting articles and stories written by their regular contributors, and I do enjoy reading some of them, but where are the “factual” news reports about our police department and its many problems, i.e. lawsuits, indictments, etc. or even about some of their noteworthy achievements? Where are the “factual” reports on our arrogant, controlling, ineffective, secretive, irresponsible District 209 school board and our resulting failing high schools? Where is there any news reporting about continuing development in our village, parking problems and/or solutions, ongoing projects within our village departments?

I don’t know how the mayor can view The Post as a source of news at all. I don’t. It is more like a magazine (and private forum for our mayor) with features about activities, people, and organizations. And a lot of them highlight people and groups in our “neighbor to the east.” That is not reporting the news. And a slip of the pen by the Review, Schauer’s “Ace” Hardware, is the best example the mayor could find of “misleading reporting”? Heck, I still call it Peaslee’s more often than not.

An occasional editorial or other piece on the Opinion page in our local newspaper, which questions or criticizes some activity or decision made by our mayor and elected commissioners, should hardly be considered “bashing.” There are many other persons and topics, besides you, mayor, that are the subject of many of those editorials. I do not see the Review’s news reporting as negative or bashing, but that’s just my opinion.

I am so grateful to the mayor for no longer biting his tongue and finally setting the record straight for all of us. I do look forward to all of this “factually based, thorough information” that will soon be forthcoming directly from you, our leader and source of all knowledge. The truth will out (as a Shakespearean character once said).

Term limitations, anyone?

Donna McKune
Forest Park

Editor’s note: The January-February 2008 issue of The Post contains a column written by Mayor Anthony Calderone that is critical of the Review’s reporting.