Dear Mollie,

I’m happy to hear that you read this column and were interested enough in handwriting analysis to send in a sample of your penmanship.

Your writing is vertical (rather than slanting to the right), has wide paces between the words and has incomplete lower loops on the letters Y and G.

The upright or vertical slant tells me that you are very independent. You usually display calmness and judgment, poise, realism, and are able to meet problems in a calm manner. You generally show reason rather than emotion so you are usually able to control your impulses.

Some of the positive qualities reflected in your upright script are pride, skepticism, self-command, cool-headedness, reliability, realism, poise, and impartiality.

Some of the negative qualities associated with this vertical slant are egotism, rigidity, pessimism, a lack of empathy, snobbishness, detachment, reticence, and inhibition.

In any case, judgment rules your actions. You do not join impulsively and you do not jump into things without thinking first. When wanting something done you appeal to the judgment of others rather than to their emotions.

The wide spaces between your words suggest you feel the need to keep a safe emotional distance between yourself and others. This is your psychic safety zone. You don’t like others to get in your space or in your face. To this extent you are something of an introvert. You are shy, self-conscious, self-analytical, careful, sensitive to the atmosphere and environment, and could worry inwardly.

The incomplete or cradle-shaped lower loops in your Ys and Gs suggest that you continue to seek the security of childhood, and feel the need for some form of maternal care. This is somewhat paradoxical since your capital I shows clear constructive thinking, independence, and a desire to stand out.

Mollie, you are smart, honest, dignified, and purposeful, and very determined.

You have a lot of gifts and personal talent but it seems as if unmet emotional needs are keeping you from being as happy and well adjusted as you could be.

If this sounds realistic to you, I suggest that you get some counseling to help you deal with your emotional conflicts.

Much good luck to you.

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