Here are our heroes! These men on the Bobcats dig us out of every snowstorm. They work through the night and around the clock to dig us out. So far, this is the fourth snowiest winter we’ve had in the last 30 years. And as I write this another big one is anticipated.

So, another well deserved “thank you” to Pat Scollard, John Doss, John Jandak, Mike Loise, Mike Marusco and Sal Stella. Let us not forget Bob Kutak who is not pictured here but is responsible for getting much of this accomplished. A big thank you, also, to the village for warning us of the impending towing of cars that are left on the street. The signs are always there, so naturally no one reads them. The police even came to our doors to ask about cars that were parked in front of houses. They don’t like to tow, but sometimes it has to be done.

Kay Helbring was a guest at the home of Marjorie Neff of Oak Park last week. Alissa Neff, Cheryl Loyd Neff’s daughter, was the au pair girl for the event. A piano trio, a piano trio of sublime beauty and talent, was the program. Mary Beth Harrison, first desk violinist of the Symphony of Oak Park and River Forest; Doug Hettinger on cello; and Patti Goyette Gill on piano. The trio performed a piece by Johann Hummell, a heartbreakingly beautiful movement from the Piano Trio op. 99 of Franz Schubert, and some delightful short pieces, “miniatures” by Frank Bridge, a contemporary composer who died in 1941. Young Ms. Alissa carried out her duties with efficiency and grace. Alissa is also the granddaughter of Ruth Loyd who returned from Florida just in time for the snowstorm.

Congratulations to Bonnie and Pat Cmigalia who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday, Feb. 10 at Venuti’s.

Suzie Greenberg Respas is the newest resident of Forest Park. She came from Chicago Canine Rescue. Suzie is lively, friendly and surprisingly obedient for such a young puppy. She comes when called. The young pup has made friends with a neighbor dog already. It was love at first sight, but doomed to be unrequited since Callahan (my dog), has been neutered and Suzie is on her way to the vet’s for spaying.

The fire in the pharmaceutical building at U of I Chicago, will delay Hong Mai Chow’s Ph.D., which was due to be accomplished by spring. The fire destroyed what she and other doctoral students were working on.

Mayor Calderone was out working hard on a cold Saturday morning, installing an alarm system in one of the refurbished buildings on Madison Street. I asked his helper to take a picture of our mayor hard at work, which he did. But I guess modesty prevented Tony from dropping the photo off in my mailbox.

Happy birthday this week to Payton Schmidt, who will be 1 year old on Feb. 14; on the 15th, Marty Redmond, Ethan Flanigan, Julie Xia; Feb. 16, Lauren Pardun, Ed Fee, Beth Wojtas, Sarah Barach, Sammy Anderson, Shelby Adolphson; on the 17th, Hannah Brown; Feb. 19, Mary Haley, Shartiase Clay; Feb. 20, Kristi Kasack.

Belated happy birthday to James Nackey, who had his very first birthday on Jan. 15.

Congratulations to Forest Park on another big spread in the Tribune and being voted the best place in Chicagoland for dining. Please stay here, Circle Theatre. What will all those diners do after they’ve eaten dinner?

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...