Dear Donna,

Thank you so much for your note and writing sample.

I don’t see many examples of printing in your script except for the X on the second line and the word “my” on the third line. However, when people start mixing cursive and print, they are personalizing their handwriting, or doing it their own way. As they personalize their handwriting, subconsciously, they are saying “I am doing it my way.” It is an expression of individuality and independence.

Donna, your writing is legible, mostly connected, and has very large upper and lower loops, especially the lower loops. Your writing also has many sharp angles as in your small F and in your small Ms and Ns.

These angular strokes tell me that you are a person who likes to have things under your control and to exercise discipline over others. You are not afraid of responsibility or challenge. Your willpower is strong and you are usually relentless in your desire to achieve and objective. You can be very fixed in your ideas and you tend to be precise and aggressive.

You are a serious person who is disciplined, strict, conscientious, persistent, determined, reliable, and practical. You have a strong sense of obligation and duty.

These strong control mechanisms also suggest that you can be unyielding, domineering, suspicious, pitilessly logical, and lacking in sympathy.

Donna, you are bright, analytical, and logical. You don’t believe something because someone says it, but you must be presented with all the facts. You prefer argument to compromise. Principle of action is often more important to you than results. You are firm and steadfast in your convictions. Once your mind is made up you rarely get sidetracked from your goals.

You like to figure things out and you could be an excellent strategist, mechanic, engineer, or scientist. Your determination to succeed is strong and your ability to work energetically is great, but the variety and complexity of human emotions frequently remain a baffling mystery to you.

You have many wonderful talents and abilities, Donna, but you still tend to underrate yourself and suffer from inferiority feelings, and as a result, it is difficult for you to find much joy in life.

You have strong idealistic and perfectionist leanings, so you come across as a proud and dignified person. You do a lot of philosophical thinking and are very selective in your choice of friends.

Donna, you have a great deal of mental and physical energy. You hate being tied down. You love travel and trying out new things.

Even with all your mental energy you remain a friendly and sociable person.

Much good luck and happiness to you.