It’s gratifying to learn that one of my beliefs is supported by scientific evidence. For example, I’ve always found math to be difficult. Now I learn from an article entitled “Numbers Guy” by Jim Holt that our brains were not designed to solve math problems. This explains, among other things, why we have to flat-out memorize the multiplication tables.

Certainly there are individuals who do not have this built-in brain impairment for numbers but the vast majority of us struggle. For instance, a quarter of the adult population gets the wrong answer to 7 multiplied by 8. So, I thought I’d test the math skills of Review readers with this Forest Park pop quiz.

1. If a patron says they’re stopping at a local saloon for a “quick one” how many drinks do they really consume?

Answer: I don’t know but if they get pulled over, they’ll definitely tell the officer they had two.

2. If passenger “A” gets on the Blue Line at Desplaines at 8:30 a.m. and passenger “B” boards the train at Austin at 8:40 a.m., how long will passenger “B” sit during the trip downtown.

Answer: Zero. Passenger “B” would never get a seat at that time of the morning.

3. If the standard width of a driving lane is 12 feet, how wide are the driving lanes on South Desplaines Avenue?

Answer: Not more than 10.

4. If Forest Park was first settled in 1851, how many centennial celebrations have we had?

Answer: Three – because this town will find any excuse for a party.

5. Speaking of parties – every year, our St. Patrick’s Day Parade is held earlier than the year before. If this trend continues, what will be the prize-winning float in 2010?

Answer: A dogsled.

6. If the average person walks three miles per hour, how long would it take them to walk a mile in Forest Park?

Answer: Depends on how many acquaintances they run into.

7. If you’re depositing a $1,400 check at a village bank and you want $50 of it back, what will be your net deposit?

Answer: One teller told me $1,600 so I’m going with her math.

8. How many renowned cultural institutions will Forest Park have after we lose Circle Theater?

Answer: The same number we had before Circle Theater – zero.

9. Why did the founders of Forest Park set aside more than half the land for dead people?

Answer: They wanted the live people to live in a compact community that could be covered by four squad cars.

10. If car “A” is traveling southbound on Harlem in the left lane and car “B” is in the right lane, which car covers the distance from Roosevelt to 16th in the shortest time?

Answer: Car “C” on Circle Avenue.