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For the first time ever, the Cook County Board of Review will give property owners an extended period to file an appeal on their assessment. That added period runs from March 17 to March 31.

This gives taxpayers in 24 Chicago and suburban townships an additional two-week window to appeal their property tax assessments, upon which their tax bills are based. The affected townships include five in the city and 19 in the suburbs.

The Board of Review extended the deadline in response to the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the recent drop in housing prices, according to a press release. Typically, homeowners must wait a year before the next opportunity to file an appeal.

“We want to afford taxpayers every opportunity to make sure their property tax assessment is fair in light of the current market crisis,” Board of Review Commissioner Joe Berrios said in the release.

Residents can go to http://www.state.il.us/agency/ptab/ to download the form and obtain further details on this extended filing period. They may also call the Board of Review at (312) 603-5542.