Costs of parking expansion are too great

There has been discussion and published statements that the village council has been contemplating the purchase of six to eight private homes and demolishing these homes to make way for parking lots.

There have been statements that there is “monies” in funds to offset some of the cost, but what with the expected deficit of $1.6 million staring at the taxpayers, isn’t it about time we are advised of the projected costs for buying these homes?

We can safely assume that it could be up to $2 million for the eight or so homes. Then we have to add the cost for demolition, sewers, paving, lights, etc, etc. Then we have the fact that these properties are off the real estate tax rolls. Then, there aren’t any published facts as to how long it takes for “payback.” These costs are there whether we buy one, two or eight homes.

Then there are statements that the businesses should not have to “pay more.” With that in mind, it means that the taxpaying residents should have to pay more. We are already paying more because the added costs come out of the village budget.

Since the businesses claim we need more parking, and they will benefit the most, the burden of added expense to the village has to fall on their shoulders – not the taxpayers’.

Alfred Bucholtz
Forest Park
Editor’s note: Village officials have stated publicly that there is an immediate interest in purchasing only one residential property.

Global warming hoax

As I sit here inside my house trying to stay warm during our record-setting cold winter (correction – it’s the first full day of spring and we’re getting a big snow storm), I’m thinking, it’s really sad (and quickly becoming very costly) that so many people have bought into the man-made global warming hoax. No doubt many Forest Parkers are going to turn out all their lights during Earth Hour and feel like they’re really making a difference. They have fallen hook, line and sinker for the “sky is falling” hysteria that somehow man is responsible for uncontrollable, devastating global warming that will kill all the polar bears, melt all the ice caps – well, basically every possible negative thing that can happen to the world has been predicted to happen and it is all the result of man-made global warming. By the way, have you noticed how they’ve stopped calling it global warming and now say “climate change”? There’s a reason for that. It’s because there hasn’t been any rise in global temperature for at least the last seven years. None. In fact, it may even have been cooling slightly.

Here are just a few facts you should consider:

1) Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It’s an essential trace gas that we all exhale and that plants and trees inhale. If you eliminate all the CO2, you will kill all plant life.

2) Man is responsible for less than 1 percent of the CO2 in the atmosphere.

3) Water vapor accounts for 90 percent of the so-called “greenhouse effect.”

4) The “hockey stick” graph that Al Gore showed in his movie that has temperatures rising dramatically in recent times has been scientifically discredited.

5) The graphs of temperature and CO2 in Al Gore’s movie do not show that CO2 causes temperatures to rise. They show just the opposite – that CO2 levels rise after temperature goes up – not before. When the oceans warm they release CO2 into the atmosphere.

6) Ten times more money has been given to global warming advocates than to skeptics.

7) Ethanol is so expensive to make that the government has to subsidize it to the tune of more than $1/gallon. That’s our tax dollars.

8) If it’s consensus, it’s not science.

I could go on, but I doubt I’ll convince any of the extreme environmentalists out there since it’s a religion to them. Facts don’t matter. And the politicians, oil companies, farmers and all the businesses that stand to profit greatly from a willing and ignorant public made to feel scared and guilty about living in a modern world are certainly not going to try to persuade you otherwise. For me, I’m going to turn on every light and appliance that I can during Earth Hour. I’m even thinking of stringing Earth Hour lights outside my house, something I never do at Christmas and all the other holidays (and I’m sure that none of you concerned environmentalists string those holiday lights, do you?). That’s my way of promoting awareness of the hoax. If you want to turn out your lights and light candles so that we can look like North Korea at night, that’s fine. But if your candles are made from paraffin, I hope you plan on buying carbon offsets because paraffin is made from oil.

Richard Wright
Forest Park

Not a mere million

Tony Sarley’s letter to the Review last week did not accurately describe our conversation. In his letter, Mr. Sarley incorrectly states that I told him that “a new report indicated that the projected loss was now only $1 million.” In actuality, I told Mr. Sarley that Finance Director Judy Kovacs issued an updated report after the March 10 village council meeting stating that the projected financial loss for the fiscal year will be just under $1 million. I did not state that the loss was “now only $1 million.” I do not take this projected loss lightly. I clearly stated my concern to Mr. Sarley for the financial condition of our village both in our phone conversation and in a later e-mail. In his letter, Mr. Sarley also states that I have “conflicting information.” An updated financial projection is not conflicting information.

In addition, Mr. Sarley gave nicknames to all commissioners and referred to me as Marty “I’ll second that” Tellalian. This nickname implies that I am a rubber stamp for motions presented to the village council. Anyone who attends or watches village council meetings knows that this implication is false. I have been in the minority and the sole opposing vote more often than any other member of the council. I am not a rubber stamp and I do not make or second motions without forethought or consideration as implied in Tony Sarley’s letter. And as Mr. Sarley probably knows, the second on a motion allows debate and does not obligate, or even suggest, support for the motion.

If you watch or attend our village council meetings, you will see that I believe the issues facing our village should be debated in public. After careful forethought, I will continue to make and second motions worthy of debate and consideration. I encourage all residents to share their thoughts with me and will gladly discuss any issue facing our village. I only ask that you describe our discussions accurately when sharing them with others.

Marty Tellalian
Forest Park Commissioner