Please do not try to make a dessert of macaroni stuffed dates and pistachios.

The spell check rejected “mascarpone” in last week’s reference to a feast prepared at Dominican University and changed it to macaroni. I hope the chef didn’t get wind of that one.

Have you ever read that essay in which our computerized dictionaries let spelling pass, but the work as a whole was an idiotic jumble? Such words as sight for site, eight for ate, bawl for ball, etc. Some other recent spelling errors in this space include “McDowell” for “MacDowell” and the Ruth Wilkins “Tyler” scholarship fund should be “Tyer.” The late Mrs. Tyre willed $250,000 to MacDowell to be used for music scholarships for high school seniors. She really should be given the courtesy of a correct spelling of her name, even though she is deceased.

By the way, the Ruth Wilkins Tyer scholarship winners may be heard at Good Shepherd Church on April 20 at 2 p.m. Come and enjoy our talented high school seniors.

Two Fish is probably the brightest, most cheerful shop along Madison Street. Pictured here are the bright faces of two helpful young women who will be happy to serve you and answer any questions you may have while shopping there. The young ladies are Stephani Jasper and Miana Melendez. Stephani is a graduate of our middle school and Trinity High School; Miana attends St. Joseph High School.

Belated happy birthday wishes to Geri Grant who got two surprises from the birthday fairy on her March 29 birthday. Daughter Lydia came home unexpectedly from U of I and doggie Gusto hid a small bouquet of flowers in the doorway for her.

Doris Bartek had a birthday March 26, which she celebrated with friends at Chef Shangri La in North Riverside.

Rick Schauer is a year older as of April 5.

Another belated birthday wish goes to Sue Fishman of Louie’s Restaurant on March 19.

It seems inevitable that our local theatre will be leaving us. “They couldn’t manage their money,” I was told by a village official. Oak Park apparently found the money and Oak Park will get its money back in just a few seasons. Aesthetic values often do not seem to be important to those who have the influence to incorporate them. The arts – music, theatre, dance – feed the soul. If you have no soul, such nurturing is unnecessary.

Many years ago, when a new library was being considered here in Forest Park, one commissioner (no longer on the council) asked, “What do they need a library for, the schools all have libraries?” When Circle Theatre leaves us we will have taken a giant slide backwards down the aesthetic scale. We had been doing so well. I have a strong feeling that Art Jones would not have let Circle get away.

We are sorry to see Painted Board leave, too. At least we still have our one and only book store. At least we can get to Oak Park to visit our old Circle Theatre.

Belated happy birthday to Lorraine Crowley on April 3; happy birthday to Tiffany Basarich on April 9; on the 10th to Ernesto Gasse, Rich Barger, Laura Annarino, Amy Mesheimer, Daniel and Patrick Hart; on the 11th, special birthday greetings to Dr. Phyllis Orland, Mike Thompson, and anniversary greetings to Kevin and Melissa Dodge; April 12, Chrissy Neumann, Sara Mesheimer, Zachary Peter Janopoulos; April 13, Kara Einbinder, Jim Stanton, John Spence; on the 14th, Don Cote, Dawn Mandile, John Marino, Julie Maehnke, Sarah Stahlke, Amy Therese Vobornik.