Dear Evelyn,

Thank you so much for your note and writing sample, and I hope you will be happy with your first handwriting analysis.

Your writing is light, legible, rightward, quick, and connected. It also rises from left to right.

Your rising script means that you are an optimist.

A general air of cheerfulness surrounds you and you usually see the brighter side of any situation. You have faith in the future and you believe your goals and ambitions will turn out as planned. You are ambitious, restless, and have a buoyant spirit.

Evelyn, you don’t press very hard on your pen. This light penmanship tells me that you possess a certain delicacy of feeling.

Your personality is sensitive and impressionable and you are spiritual and idealistic. Your emotional feelings are not long lasting, so you don’t brood or hold grudges and are not deeply prejudiced. You are sensitive, feminine, adaptable, tolerant, modest, and susceptible to atmosphere. Of course, you can also be timid, touchy, and easily offended.

Your handwriting is wide and has large spaces between the lines, which means you are inclined to isolate yourself from your environment, socially, psychologically, or both. You are not comfortable with physical contact and closeness. You are broadminded, tolerant, generous, and spontaneous.

The normal size of your middle zone means that you are emotionally well balanced and can always be counted on for a common sense reaction to almost any situation.

Your writing slants to the right and this means that you are emotionally responsive, sociable, spontaneous, enthusiastic, expressive and affectionate.

You are a bright person, Evelyn. You think quickly and have a lot of intellectual energy and vitality.

You are a logical thinker.

You also have a good deal of self-control. A person who can control herself can control others.

In addition to the characteristics mentioned above, you are also kind, sincere, a humanitarian, honest, and cultured.

I hope you find this analysis to be both accurate and encouraging.

Much good luck to you.

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