Professional approach must be installed

The village council will be appointing a new director of public works soon. They have an opportunity to hire a “director,” not another operations manager. This department needs the leadership of a professional engineer to help solve the challenging infrastructure problems facing Forest Park.

Today’s public works management requires a degree in engineering, public administration or related fields; a master’s degree and PE are desirable. A director must have knowledge of civil engineering principles, municipal water systems, environmental sciences, modern management techniques, financial research procedures, construction and building methods, equipment capabilities, cost control and service delivery alternatives.

Neighboring communities have departments led by professional engineers. If we are to partner with them or compete for scarce government funds, we must have the personnel capable of developing strategic plans and presenting proposals.

Recent political campaigns promised to improve maintenance programs for our streets and alleys. Current efforts are not working.

Professional direction will design an innovative and progressive pavement maintenance system to prevent costly reconstruction projects. With administrative and operational support, roads and money will be saved. I will be specifically interested in the new director’s ideas to save the failing VIP pavements.

Our village can no longer neglect our pavements, utilities or facilities. Infrastructure has become a financial asset. Hopefully the elected officials understand that value and do the right thing.

Tony Sarley
Forest Park