A pair of sizeable drug busts in which authorities also seized large bundles of cash could result in a windfall for the Forest Park police department.

Deputy Police Chief Tom Aftanas said he’s crossing his fingers that if prosecutors are able to win convictions against two defendants recently snared by Forest Park police, a judge will rule that the local law enforcement agency can keep a portion of the assets collected during the arrests. On April 5, authorities arrested an Evanston man and confiscated nearly $25,000 in cash along with almost 15 pounds of marijuana. Four days later, police apprehend a Berwyn resident on cocaine charges, taking control of more than $149,000 in cash.

Arresting agencies typically are able to keep 65 percent of any money confiscated as part of an investigation, according to Aftanas. Other property, such as vehicles used to traffic drugs, can also be awarded to the police department. In such cases the agency must use the car for at least one year before selling it off.

-Josh Adams