Dear Grayling,

Thank you very much for your note and writing sample.

Your handwriting is small, heavy, neat, legible, rightward and connected.

For a person to write with small, heavy strokes and do so legibly, a great deal of mental discipline is required. Small writing indicates a high degree of concentration, realism, intentional understatement, and a distaste for boasting. It is also associated with an inferiority complex, modesty, executive ability, and an academic mentality. In general, a person who writes small is more inclined to channel her energies into thinking rather than action.

Your small writing shows a great deal of independence and suggests that you are able to shut out ego needs and concentrate on projects for long hours. You are conscientious, studious, thoughtful, and have a strong inclination for detail work. You have a theoretical mind and are a logical thinker.

Besides being small, Grayling, your writing is heavy and slow. This means you press hard on the pen and write slowly and carefully. Pressing hard on your pen means that you have a great deal of controlled energy and vitality. You are determined, tenacious and a steady worker. You are careful, thrifty, prudent, neat, cautious, and somewhat introverted. You sometimes feel anxious and others sometime perceive you as being stubborn and difficult to understand.

You really are an emotional person but most people are not aware of this because you repress these emotions. Still, you love beauty, elegance, refinement, art, music, food and sex. When these needs are not satisfied you have a good deal of frustration and anxiety to deal with and this could cause feelings of depression.

Your neat, disciplined script tells me that you are dependable, honest, and emotionally stable. You are kind, cooperative, realistic, and conventional.

Does this sound like you?

Much good luck and enjoy the nice spring weather.

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