All hands on deck: Weekly newspapers do not spring, full-born, into mailboxes and onto newsstands. It takes a lot of work. Experience helps. And a passion for it is the most critical quality.

Not coincidentally, back in February when the Wednesday Journal Inc. bought three more weeklies – bringing our total to nine – we also hired a managing editor charged with creating extraordinary excellence and helping us meet what is now an abundance of deadlines. Helen Karakoudas comes to us from Texas, where for the past five years she worked as a copy editor and page designer for the Dallas Morning News. Before that – actually way before that – she did the same work for the Charlotte Observer after graduating from Medill.

Between newspaper jobs in Charlotte and Dallas, she took 18 years to raise two kids, finding mommy hours in opening a small retail shop.

She’s working with our Wednesday Journal Inc. staff of 15 editors, reporters and photographers. To welcome her to the neighborhood, or offer suggestions on how she can improve your weekly paper, giver her a call at (708) 613-6307.

Welcome, Helen.