Murphy is not a ‘bad apple’

I disagree that it is the right thing for him to plea (“Badge stripped, officer faces jail time,” April 18 Web extra). Officers are faced with very hard situations every single day. This man gave probably most of his life serving this community, and this puts an end to it all. I think too many are pointing the finger at cops these days.

There are bad apples everywhere, but that doesn’t mean everyone who points the finger is right. When you point a finger, there are three more pointing back at yourself.

After 17 years, I would bet that Sgt. Mike Murphy did not just walk up to the offender unprovoked. And I would bet money on it that this officer Harold Grimes fellow was sure trying to watch his behind if the feds were knocking.

This man has lost everything and an offender is richer. If the suspect was such a law abiding citizen, the police would have never been called. Anyone ever think of that?

I wish Murphy the best of luck and hopefully he won’t have to worry about jail.

Karen Mandatolo
Hoffman Estates