Dear Jennifer,

Thank you very much for your note and writing sample. I hope your first handwriting analysis is both helpful and beneficial to you.

Your writing is legible, vertical, connected, and light. By light, I mean that you do not press on your pen very hard and this light pressure reflects a certain delicacy of feeling. You are sensitive, impressionable, and have a good deal of creative ability. Your willpower is not strong so you could easily succumb to the dominance of a heavier writer. You are tolerant spiritual, genial, idealistic, and have a refreshing lack of inhibition.

You do not hold grudges and you forgive easily. Your emotional feelings are not long lasting, although you do feel things intensely when they happen. You don’t have the capacity to brood for too long so you are not likely to be deeply prejudiced.

Jennifer, your light script also tells me that you are sensitive, feminine, flexible, tolerant, sympathetic, modest, and alert.

Your writing is not only light but it is also vertical and this is a fairly unusual combination. Your straight up and down writing suggests that you have a head-over-heart emotional attitude. You keep your emotional responses under control and they are usually cautious and considered. Your manner is undemonstrative, independent, detached and indifferent. If you do lose emotional control you quickly regain it, hence you function well in emergencies and you could be a good leader or a contented loner. In arguing a point, you try to appeal to judgment rather than emotion. You have a great deal of personal magnetism and an attractive dry wit. Usually, you are unexpressive and do not show what you are feeling on the inside.

Jen, you are a proud and independent person. You work well on your own and are poised, reliable and realistic. You try hard not to set your goals too high, so that you will not be disappointed if you do not meet them.

You have an analytical mind and are good at detail work. You are patient, dignified, orderly, careful, and methodical. At times you can be self-conscious, self-analytical, shy, and inhibited. You are careful, cautious, economical, neat and are a well balanced person.

In addition to the qualities mentioned above, Jennifer, you are a non-competitive person. You try hard to avoid conflict. You have strong security needs, so you desperately seek communication with and acceptance by other people. You feel the need to bring this and people together, and you are usually quite good at it.

Good luck to you, Jennifer, and I hope you have enjoyed your first handwriting analysis.