Dear Ann,

Thanks so much for your note, writing sample, and interesting comment regarding your changing writing.

You are correct! Changes in your handwriting reflect changes in your personality. It would be interesting to have a sample of your handwriting from many years ago for comparison.

Ann, notice that the slant of your writing strokes change frequently. Some slant to the left, some to the right, and some are vertical. This inconsistent slant does reveal a lot about your personality and character. The good news associated with these varying slants is that you are versatile, creative, lively, and have many interests. The not so good news is that you are anxious, moody, changeable, and inconsistent.

Your writing slant is inconsistent because unconsciously you feel uncertain and are struggling with emotional conflicts. You feel very unsettled. You can be friendly and outgoing and then suddenly withdraw and become sullen. Others have a difficult time figuring you out and even you don’t know how things will make you feel.

Fortunately, Ann, your script rises from left to right and this tells me that you are restless, optimistic and ambitious. You always try to escape the demands of routine and boredom and you are excitable and quickly stirred to action.

You have a strong desire to acquire things. You want to possess but not necessarily keep. You always seem to be grasping for something and this may even become an obsession.

You are a sensitive person, Ann, and are always conscious of the way you walk, talk, and anything else that is reflective of you. Criticism of any aspect of your personal life hurts your feelings and you thrive on compliments. You often feel rejected and unloved. Fortunately, you are independent enough to do what you think best, regardless of your negative feelings.

You are a smart person, Ann. You learn quickly and your desire to learn is strong. You are continually seeking new knowledge and experiences and that is probably why you took the chance of having your handwriting analyzed.

In addition to these qualities, you are also sincere, kind, tolerant, sympathetic and a genuine humanitarian.

Much happiness and good luck.

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