On a sunny Sunday June afternoon, Pastor Audree Catalano of Saint Peter’s and Saint Paul’s Lutheran churches held a blessing of the animals. Twenty-three pet lovers and their 10 dogs, two cats and one guinea pig gathered on the lawn of Saint Paul’s for the blessing. Loretta Woeltje and Katie are shown below with Pastor Catalano; next to Loretta are Geraldine Knauper, with Pricilla, and Sharon Faerber with Annabell all in the front row.

Remember to tell children not to pet a strange animal without first asking the owner if the pet is friendly. Humans are supposed to use their brains in this matter.

Rose Krogh, a retired nurse, has been a Forest Parker for many years although she was born in Ribe, Denmark. Ribe is the oldest city in Denmark, making it one of the oldest cities in Scandinavia. She is a fascinating lady with a great knowledge of history, Denmark and nursing. Ms. Krogh earned a degree in nursing in Denmark and a master’s in the field here in the U.S.

Rose offered to help young nursing student Ivy Millar, who begins nurses’ training at West Suburban Hospital this fall.

An affectionate young male cat, still homeless and now neutered with all his shots, is looking for a good home. Call 415-8747. He will give you years of love and no trouble.

Joan Previs got up to Wellington Avenue to see “Fiorello” last week. An oldie but a goodie about the late mayor Fiorello LaGuardia of New York. Old timers will remember how the “Little Flower” mayor used to read the Sunday comics to the kids every week.

On June 12 happy birthday to Dave Smentek; on the 13th to, Bernice Matthews, Mary Moravec, Cecilia Webster, Gerry Schmerhorn and David Jargstorf; happy sixth anniversary to Ted and Annette Rozmus on June 15, and happy birthday to Karen Dylewski and Clayton Huebner; June 16, Anthony Calderone, Jr., Lucy Liu, Sadie Blavel; June 17, birthday greetings to Art Grams; on the 18th, Emily Myint, Trevor LaPoint, Artie Gray, Maria Willinger, Carol Ralph and happy anniversary to Jon and Jenny Kuehl, to Jill and Brian Hosty.

‘Tis the season for commencement, so congratulations to all our graduates.

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life’s other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side of Chicago in a great neighborhood when it was a great time to be young.