Getting summers off

Once again, crossing guards are out of work for the summer. They seem to be the last employee of the village they even care about. In these hard times the village still seems to find money for other things, but nothing for our crossing guards.

Crossing guards aren’t asking for charity, just a job to get them through the summer. But I guess this will never happen.

Jim Golden
Forest Park

Officer and a gentleman

When my children and I woke up Saturday morning, my 8-year-old daughter was very sad to see that her bicycle had been stolen during the night from our back yard. We then went to the police station to fill out a report. Officer Mike O’Connor was working that day and he listened patiently as another officer took our report. He told my daughter that he was sorry that her bike had been stolen and mentioned that he had recently bought his daughter a new bike, so he offered to give us her old one. We told him what a kind gesture that was but that it wouldn’t be necessary.

Imagine our surprise to see that when we returned home, officer O’Connor had already dropped off his daughter’s old bike on our front porch. Because of his kind and selfless gesture my daughter did not have to miss one day of bike riding with her friends.

With so many negative stories emanating from the Forest Park Police Department it’s comforting to know that people with the good heart and character of officer O’Connor can be found with ease. It’s very easy to write a letter or make a phone call to complain, I just thought that equal time should be given to highlight those things that are best as well.

Melissa, Anthony and Zianna Turek
Forest Park

Well, the view’s nice

In less than 10 seconds, my dear 90-year-old Ash tree succumbed to the Sunday wind massacre and lay in pieces strewn over the parkway and street. Fortunately the only damage sustained was to this magnificent tree, whose absence now has opened up a sky-view that I have never seen before in all of my almost 60 years.

Many thanks to my friends and neighbors who immediately looked in on me to make sure all was OK, and to the Forest Park street crews who arrived to survey and remove all remnants of the fallen arbor. Mother Nature reared her head and God sent mercy to us. I am so grateful!

Dianne Howard-Beaty
Forest Park

Ignore the fantasy

It’s funny how the village has a plan for a long dilapidated space in the village when it suits them (“Wrenching debate shapes up over mechanic’s plans,” June 18).

Mr. Nunley has been a stable staple of the community and if memory serves, once serviced the village’s squad cars. It’s easy to pass on what can happen when you are blinded by what could be. We all live in a place called reality. That is to say, Mr. Nunley owns the property, he wants to expand on his business, create a new, clean building in that part of town while continuing to serve his patrons of many surrounding communities.

If the village can’t retain the people who made it into the “village of big city access with small town charm,” then it will lose what sets it apart from River Forest and Oak Park. Work with those people who want to keep this town something special, not those dreamers who leave you always wanting more.

Jeremy Forney