Dear Forest Park Resident,

Thank you for reading this column over the years and especially for sending in a sample of your writing for analysis. We can only continue as long as folks send us letters to analyze.

Your writing, Resident, is very attractive. It is neat, legible, light, rightward, and reflects the pride you take in yourself.

Your cursive letters are connected by cup-like connectors called garlands. These garland connectors show that you are passive and non-competitive. You will do just about anything to avoid conflict. You like the visible, real world. You are friendly, kindhearted, adaptable, sociable and flexible but you have a strong need for security. You are expressive yet conventional. You want communication with and acceptance by other people. You want to be needed and need to be wanted. You care what others think of you and want to be viewed positively. You are emotional in your relationships and you require lots of attention. You are verbal (like to gossip), restless, materialistic, physical, and extroverted. Your thinking processes are rapid – you are smart – but not particularly original.

You are sincere, sociable, kind, sympathetic, tolerant, and usually optimistic. You have been known to be impatient, irritable, and easily distracted.

The normal middle zone of your writing indicates that you have a wholesome self-confidence and have made sensible adjustments in your life. Your mind disciplines your emotions, so we know you are emotionally stable, dependable, persevering, and orderly.

You are a practical and down-to-earth person. Your goals are realistic and attainable. You are something of a conformist, you try to do the right thing at the right time, and you seldom defy tradition. You have a fine sense of humor, are somewhat self-conscious, and have many intellectual and cultural leanings.

In addition to all these qualities, Reader, you are honest, straightforward, goal minded, and cooperative. You are a very nice person.

Have a good summer and a happy Independence Day.