Dear Maria,

Thank you so much for your note and writing sample. I have always made it my philosophy in writing this column to be honest, but kind. Some folks have accused me of being overly positive, but I don’t think you help someone by hurting them. At the same time, I have to tell it as it is.

Maria, your handwriting is small, upright, heavy, and connected. I believe you write slowly, and your script is certainly legible. Heavy writing means that you press hard on your pen and this means you are determined, conscientious, tenacious, and have a strong will. You are very emotional but you try hard to keep your emotions under control. You carry the scars of hurt and the feelings of happiness for a long time. Your senses are keen. You love food, drink color, music, sex, and all the creature comforts. Negatively, you can be stern, stubborn, and are inclined toward depression.

Besides being heavy, Maria, your writing is also slow and this tells me that you are careful, cautious, steady, precise, thrifty, and somewhat extroverted. Being overly cautious creates inner tension, which makes you feel anxious and hesitant.

In addition to being heavy and slow, your handwriting is also small. For a person to write small yet legibly requires a lot of concentration, so I know you have a theoretical mind and strong inclination for detail. You are modest, reserved, and spiritual and tend to channel your energy into thinking rather than physical activities. You repress many of your feelings, so you are conservative in your actions and dress. You have opinions but are reluctant to express them. So, you are secretive and evasive and something of a conformist. You try not to “rock the boat.”

Maria, your handwriting is also vertical, as opposed to having a slant. This upright writing tells me that you are proud, independent, skeptical, and that you keep yourself at a safe emotional distance from others. People sometimes perceive you as being inhibited and indifferent. In any case, you always try not to show what you are feeling. You attempt to deal with people and situations logically rather than emotionally. You reach conclusions slowly and through careful logic, so hasty decisions are not for you. You think slowly, but his does not mean you’re unintelligent. You simply refuse to jump to hasty conclusions.

Besides the qualities mentioned above, Maria, your handwriting shows that you are kind, sincere, humanitarian, practical, realistic, cooperative, and clear thinking.

I hope this analysis is both honest and gentle enough for you.

Good luck and much happiness to you.

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